Selected 1997 Neologisms

- superdupermodel
There are exceptions to this rule : superdupermodel Linda Evangelista married the Paris boss of Models One, Gerald Marie, early on in her career.

- alphabetism
The problem in my own case is not sexism, but alphabetism. My partner can vote in the proposed Halifax conversion, but I cannot. My surname begins with G and hers with C. Only the first-named person in a joint mortgage is entitled to vote and to participate in any subsequent shares handout.

- buddiness
The show is remembered for many things : for Glaser's chunky cardigans, for Huggy Bear, for the first flowerings of buddiness, and for the 'Tomato', as Soul calls the car they drove around in.

- nunchakas
As ecstatic mass bouncing up and down threatens to collapse the Astoria floor on to the Tube line below there is little else for it but to echo the words of 'Unfair', the band's alternative Californian state anthem : Wave your credit card in the air swing your nunchakas like you just don't care

- beliiieeeve
While sad oldsters attempt to 'get with it' on popular culture by saying Aiih don't beliiieeeve it

- wet-T-shirted
It has even crossed to the classical world with the much promoted wet-T-shirted violinist Vanessa-Mae

- prepone
An executive might instruct his travel agent to'kindly do the needful and prepone the departure to facilitate my journey out of station and avoid a nighthalt', when he merely wants the time of his trip moved forward

- ego-tourism
When I meet Galdessa's impossibly good-looking owner, Pierre Morgue D'Algue, and examine its list of monied and celebrity visitors, the phrase ego-tourism comes temptingly to mind, but let that pass

- entoned
The violinist abandoned her instrument in favour of a whip, with which she proceeded to energetically flail the floor, while the wind player entoned the words of an impenetrable text, and two percussionists beat out a primitive rhythm reminiscent of the Velvet Underground's' Venus in Furs

- tri-linguist
As a tri-linguist, she is alert to the differences of meaning that a change of language brings to the material.

- defamers
He added : My victimisation both at the hands of the police and my defamers in the media dates from when Scotland Yard quite unjustifiably caused my name to be blazoned across the headlines But growing concerns about the safety of the conviction brought a Scotland Yard inquiry headed by Detective Superintendent Roger Matthews.

- pop-picker-turned-prop-picker
Powell, the pop-picker- turned-prop-picker, is an enthusiast and an enthuser : he leaps around the room and slaps his hand on the table making optimistic predictions about the future of the sport in which he has recently become interested

- urbanwear
Puma, in the meantime, have recruited Vexed Generation and their knife proof urbanwear styling to help with a new range of shoes to take on Nike

- self-flagellatory
When Connolly makes his third or fourth implicitly self-flagellatory reference to what an overpaid scum-sucking Hollywood sell-out he is, the audience smile indulgently, as if to say : We know you are extravagantly rich Billy, and you deserve to be, so get over it

- nippleage
True, the final Galliano Givenchy collection featured greater nippleage than Scandinavian movies like Inge I Have Lust or, indeed, than a TV classic adaptation.

- minibussing
This walk, which was pieced together with stretches of minibussing, is their baby.

- rockisation
There are many more middle-class people than there were. So I prefer to call it the 'rockisation' of football. Like the rock industry, there are high-profile shortlife players and lots of people making money in the background.

- cosmopolitanising
Less dispassionately, Eisenman argues that'from the Palestinian point of view, Paul was a cosmopolitanising traitor'.

- motorscape
But there is, of course, another zone of the motorscape, inhabited by cars of prestigious aura and German identity.

- unMonty-like
At his next par-five, the second, a most unMonty-like drive put him deep in the trees on the right.

- doppelgangering
The genetic doppelgangering of Dolly was carried out within kicking distance of Murrayfield which just happened to coincide with the appointment of Andy Irvine and Ian McLauchlan to the new executive board of the SRU.

- globally-warmed
We have, of course plenty to worry about : we might release a super-bug which might flourish in the globally-warmed fields of a Sussex countryside rendered uninhabitable by an explosion in a French nuclear power station.

- stoodies
There are a few 'stoodies' coming down from Manchester for the match and I'm pleased they're making the trip.

- uberbowler
Given that it can also cut and spin the ball at will, too Merlin is clearly something of an uberbowler

- waitlist
Most airlines will 'priority waitlist' you, which means that as soon as a seat becomes available, you get it.

- mistreater
The picture was of a compulsive skinflint, womaniser, ligger supreme and all-purpose sponger. Worse, a mistreater of horses, and a ruthless jockey on the track and away from it.

- albumfuls
By the late Sixties, what had started as a few scraps became a Collection with a capital C. I'd assembled about three or four albumfuls, which I thought was probably enough to make a nice little anthology.

- Canadian-ness
The Canadian-ness of it clicks when you think of Celine Dion, another Quebec export in a similar vein.

- hyperaccumulators
The underlying theory is nothing new - scientists have known for some time about' hyperaccumulators' plants such as the cabbage family, that can absorb high levels of pollutants ), but so far these have had limited practical applications.

- jobbys
I put the steamer together that evening - one of those dirt cheap Chinese jobbys, two layers and made of cheap aluminium ; every home should have one

- nookiness
At its worst, the Arts and Crafts movement degenerated into a kind of dirndl folksiness, a Surrey nookiness far removed from the honesty and restraint of the founding fathers.

- galaxy-famous
I said I thought George Lucas might not be too impressed to have that galaxy-famous title pinched.

- dope-befuddled
What greater fun can there be than to tell your elders to get lost, hold dope-befuddled parties that last for days, organise student-run classes on such illuminating topics as Red Brigades terrorism and the redundancy of parents and watch videos of 2001 : A Space Odyssey into the early hours

- roadcrossing
The two are due to renew rivalry on Saturday but the Ascot race was run at a farcical early pace, and Princeful stumbled and lost momentum on a roadcrossing before the home straight.

- peepful
Bespectacled Kate spanned some 18 peepful years before being yanked back from retirement for further snoopings.

- snore-a-thon
First you are expected to wade through the snore-a-thon known as the Los Angeles Times every morning - not that what qualifies as journalism here is likely to keep anyone informed, so you have to read the New York Times as well

- videoesque
The documentary indulges Mattea's hopelessly sentimental view of Scotland (easily the most toe curling moments are the videoesque shots of MacLean lipsyncing to his songs on the Hebridean coastline), prompting a suspicion that this is mere musical tourism.

- balloonful
But in the end, we had to admit that a balloonful of Michael Jackson, Anthea Turner, Michael Winner and Teresa Gorman who would be as unfun a place to be as could be imagined.

- cod-African
Everything even the cod-African number'Kumbalawe' which out-Disneys The Lion King music for inauthenticity, is in a invented gibberish language, full of Scandinavian vowels, designed for universal appeal and rather creepy in its lack of context.

- out-Disneys
Everything even the cod-African number 'Kumbalawe' which out-Disneys The Lion King music for inauthenticity, is in a invented gibberish language, full of Scandinavian vowels, designed for universal appeal and rather creepy in its lack of context.

- cutesiest
Even in the cutesiest setting, the dark second act, in which the deranged inventor tries to bring his Galatea to life, can have something of power and pathos.

- parkscape
He will change the direction of his 90-minute yomp across the wintry parkscape to accommodate dogless walkers or joggers he encounters.

- glower-monger
Fundamentally, the white T-shirt became the easiest entry point into blue collar American style, a style which was used and subsequently abused by every aspiring Hollywood glower-monger: Paul Newman in Hud, Steve McQueen in The Sand Pebbles, Paul LeMat in American Graffiti, John Travolta in Grease, Richard Gere in anything, even the loathsome Don Johnson in Miami Vice pairing it with loose, Armani linen suits, sleeves often rolled way up to the elbows.

- sleazemeister
One Night Stand, his next movie (about a husband's infidelities) is scripted by none other than Jagged Edge sleazemeister, Joe Eszterhas.

- Nirvana-lite
Time and again here, the grey, leaden chording and torrential self-pity summon memories of Nirvana, though the songs themselves can muster only a fraction of their impact: it's Nirvana-lite, MTV-friendly and polite.

- demoing
She dropped her engineering major with two years to run, aged 19, to go to Nashville, where she leapt through the usual hoops of hardship, odd-jobs and demoing and ended up with a recording contract'five years to the day of the day I pulled into town', apparently about average.

- cyberbars
Spain has Europe's lowest take-up of the Internet, but many cities have flourishing 'cyberbars' where would-be netties can log on while enjoying the more familiar pleasures of sinking a beer or a generous Spanish measure of whisky.

- E-Stamp
Top of the pops, though, must be E-Stamp, which allows you to buy postage through the Internet and print bar-code-like electronic stamps directly on envelopes and labels.

- techno-philes
DERRICK MAY The MayDay Mix Ministry of Sound OPENCD005 For techno-philes and old-skool acid-house ravers, the name of Derrick May is spoken in hushed tones and usually accompanied by' we're not worthy bowing movements - a measure of the huge influence of this Detroit techno originator

- eco-chic
Everything is fashionably buff or white, and eco-chic too, with hemp-and-linen-blend duvet covers and unbleached linen bath towels as well as pineapple-fibre pillows.

- chuggers
Traditional rivalries persist between the 'tuggers' and the 'chuggers' those who prefer to tow and those who swear by motor caravans, the integrated models that until a few years ago had a rather louche image and were banned from respectable sites.

- lankly
Her hair is pulled up lankly into one of those Essex girl ponytails that make women look as though the back of their skulls are pointed, and she wears a Tammy Wynette T-shirt under the top half of a shell suit.

- frowsily
His meddling does yield one rich comic gain, when Hank's frowsily bespectacled wife Peggy forces her husband to tell Bobby how much he loves him.

- bullyable
I would be beaten continuously with slippers and even sticks. I'd be held down and beaten. At the time, I accepted that I was bullyable. I also accepted that I was the only person who was bullied.

- pattermane
On the other hand, as a self-confessed ' pattermane' and expert exponent of the rapid-delivery witticisms of Messrs Gilbert and Sullivan - Suart has devised a one-man show, As a Matter of Patter, built around the works of the great Savoyards - works he has performed the length and breadth of Britain and, in what he describes as an' ambassadorial' role, in such far-flung outposts of G&S - erie as Vancouver, Dusseldorf, even Penang

- abdomania
Despite their best efforts, their guts remain obstinately in place. This leaves them with the diminished sense of self familiar to women who grow up surrounded by countless images of female 'perfection'. It is conceivable that this could lead them to reject abdomania and turn to a more emotionally and physically sustaining form of diet and exercise.

- vice-headmaster
The vice-headmaster said I might not be able to pick up my prize because I wasn't smartly dressed.

- staresque
Stomping around the bars and performance venues of the Cheltenham Festival, the son of the establishment poet Michael Horovitz is outraged by his father's dismissive comments last week about the rock staresque performance poet Murray Lachlan Young.

- stagiaires
These 650 'stagiaires' are paid a small living allowance and are attached to one of the Directorates-General such as Economic and Financial Affairs, Education or Consumer Policy

- cyber-pet
At the end of the meeting she admitted that what she had in her bag was a Tamagotchi, a Japanese cyber-pet.

- truthworthy
A less truthworthy Kris Kristofferson is on the right track, but the neglected lovechild of Jeffrey Dahmer and Carole King would probably be nearer the destination.

- yoofy
The two sides to Scotland's music scene are worlds apart. One is post Trainspotting hip and yoofy enough for beer commercials, including bands like Arab Strap. The other belongs to the pop-orthodox droves of Texas, Wet Wet Wet and Del Amitri.

- raid-cum-photo-shoot
He orchestrates embarrassing situations involving public figures, then tips off Sgt Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey) who carries out the bust while Sid is popping flashbulbs and plucking lurid adjectives from his festering mind. They even collaborate on the composition of these salacious snaps, conniving together to decide how they might work the Hollywood sign into the background of a future raid-cum-photo-shoot

- mobile-phoning
We are a nation of mobile-phoning, supermarket-shopping, convenience food eaters, according to the latest snapshot of our spending habits.

- desked
There is no way back - the customer is desked and trussed like a turkey, all in the name of customer service

- spokes-stripper
'Our main concerns are that our working environment be safe, that we aren't verbally abused and sexually harassed by management,' a spokes-stripper said

- blastaways
Surprisingly, everyone forewent the opportunity to sample drinks such as blastaways, Snakey Bs and pints of white wine - drinks chosen purely for their lobotomising qualities

- unperturbability
At the end of the film the same girl I think discovered that the words 'oral sex' had a far more startling effect on her mother, whose pose of calm unperturbability crumbled briefly to a little moan of distress when it was uttered

- doc-soap
They are in a doc-soap rutting frenzy and as a result the screen is awash with the damn things.

- nuancey
You should just be saying 'That's nice': it shouldn't be so obvious that there are little miniature crescendi and diminuendi built into it. In the slow movement, I take fantastic pleasure in playing some of the tiny little nuancey details in 'no man's land dynamic' you are just there wafting in and out.

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