Selected 1998 Neologisms

- across-the-world
Racing : Lady Herries aims for across-the-world double (112 The Angmering Park stable of Lady Herries are aiming at a remarkable across-the-world double next Saturday.

- adinuff
The fire-fighters brought out their answer to the Dockers cK, with a take on Adidas. The trade name was replaced with 'adinuff' underneath the world-renowned triangular logo.

- air-rage
His warning came as airline bosses met to discuss the establishment of an air-rage database, which could lead to blacklisting violent passengers

- aluminosis
The problem at Nou Camp is aluminosis, the deterioration of the main metal used in the construction of many modern stadiums.

- anagramable
That depends on the voter - Scrabble players tend to favor candidates with anagramable names, said John Williams of the National Scrabble Association. That makes the governor's race a toss up between George E Pataki (Pig ear to a geek) and Peter F Vallone (Plant free love). Of course, no candidate this year beats Spiro Agnew, whose name is anagramable to 'Grow a penis' Williams said.

- anti-CJD
Alan Dickinson, the institute's former director who carried out the work with his colleague Christine Farquhar, said pentosan polysulphate 'should be taken seriously' as a possible anti-CJD treatment

- autopeotomy
In his book The Surgeon of Crowthorne, Simon Winchester supplies medical background to the character Dr Minor's act of autopeotomy , and offers a warning : beware' the renowned bloodsucking Brazilian fishlet known as candiru, which likes to swim up a man's urine stream and lodge in the urethra, with a ring of retrorse spines preventing its removal, one of the very rare circumstances in which doctors will perform the operation known as a peotomy.

- back-to-the-earth
With the rise of the hippy movement during the late Sixties craftspeople once again became allied with back-to-the-earth living.

- ball-boying
I was always ball-boying on the net, and it was great to be close to (Bjorn) Borg, to see his racket

- beer-belt
Belgium has its own traditions, like each country in Europe's beer-belt

- begetteth
Dullness begetteth discontentment. which begetteth dysfunctionality.

- bellgirl
The flight arrives in Frankfurt on time, another card secures you a room on the hotel's executive floor, and you are so pleased with yourself that you tip the bellgirl an extra couple of Euros

- Birtite
Purporting to be a withering satire on the Birtite world of broadcasting it was really just another grandiose production, with a glittering cast list mouthing a very weak script (Malcolm Bradbury it was who adapted Mark Tavener's book

- Blair-friendly
Philip Gould Labour's opinion pollster, he played a part in the recent replacement of the editor of the Express with a more Blair-friendly version.

- Blairese
New Labour has mastered the knack of inserting its key buzz-words into dry policy statements, so the Queen, whether she liked it or not, was 'on message', echoing sing- song cadences of Blairese.

- Blairophone
Thanks to the PMV (Prime Minister's Voice technique, you will be fluent within weeks, because the Blairophone Language Course will enable you almost immediately to say the following vital phrases in the appropriate language

- blind-smelling
And what is the narrative but a vain rejection of all this, a defiant reassertion of ourselves, a valiant attempt at a blind-smelling of life itself ?

- Bransonologists
To the Bransonologists, those who follow every twist and turn of his complicated business affairs, the two story lines may be related.

- Bugbuster
Tony Blair's 'Bugbuster' project, launched in a blaze of publicity to train an army of 20,000 computer experts to tackle the Millennium problem, at a cost of pounds 26m, has hit its own bug.

- built-ins
I know men my age who have 20 or 30 suits hanging in their built-ins and they all look exactly the same.

- butched-up
Not that Stomp is all subtlety. The broomsticks become jousting tools cracking against each other as the company performs a breathtaking display of testosterone-fuelled derring-do. Tapping and bashing away, they are a butched-up Riverdance.

- Cakegate
It's Cakegate : It had the ingredients of a perfectly ordinary burglary. But a recent break- in at the Banbury Cake Company may actually have been a sneaky blow in a ruthless battle for supremacy.

- CharlesWorld
Yet, just a year later, there can no longer be any doubt that, if one chooses to see Britain simply as a battlefield for a war between CharlesWorld and DianaWorld, CharlesWorld is winning decisively.

- child-headed
The champion vegetable grower at a Unicef-sponsored project to help child-headed homes, she now labours just to keep her brothers' and sisters' heads above water

- choreopoems
On Wednesday, things take a turn for the theatrical, with highlights including choreopoems from dancer Jonzi D, monologues from Valerie Mason John, who was behind the recent fringe hit Sin Dykes, and dub-jester Pink Sly

- clear-conscienced
If what you see is Mr, Ms or Mrs Perfect, all muscle-toned, tight-tummied clear-conscienced, bright-eyed, emotionally-fulfilled, intellectually enriched and nutritionally- complete, then go ahead and take the whole of 1999 off.

- Clerkenwellisation
What Hackney fears is the ' Clerkenwellisation effect', where small industries are forced out by rising rents as any available office space gets converted into Manhattan loft-style apartments and the area loses its existing economic infrastructure, as has happened up the road in EC1

- clonally
Before 1976 and the blunder that allowed that ship of potatoes to come to Europe we had only the single strain and it reproduced clonally.

- coffinettes
The identity of the original owner was revealed inside four golden coffinettes which contained Tutankhamun's mummified internal organs

- contemporisation
Jonathan Miller's Armani-clad contemporisation for the Royal Opera was subtle ; ENO's Fifties New Look staging was briskly forthright.

- coo-day-tar
Books : From lessay-fair to a coo-day-tar : Melissa Benn acclaims a narrative of one girl's search for the language that defeats despair.

- copulins
Research at Vienna University shows that pheremones called 'copulins increase a woman's attractiveness.

- dago-phobia
Terence Blacker says Mohamed al-Fayed 'brings out the John Buchan in all of us, the acceptable face of English dago-phobia ('The foreigner it's OK to hate', 3 November).

- designy
In the last five years, Clapham High Street, among the pawnbrokers and discount stationers, has developed more chrome than a Cadillac, and is filled, in the evenings, with hordes of Chablis - drinking subtitle-reading, designy folk.

- Diana-philes
Either this style was supposed to represent the tumultuous media distortion that followed the Princess of Wales's death, or it was a ploy to disorientate irate Diana-philes before they had the chance to throw a Royal Wedding commemorative plate at the TV set.

- diStiples
If British REM fans, or 'diStiples' as they are known by the music press are jittery with excitement, it is not just down to the Radio 1 coup.

- doctor-speak
Instead he had an antisocial personality disorder, which is doctor-speak for being a nasty piece of work.

- docusoaps
I don't need to bother with all that interesting stuff after 11pm, like Film 98. So I'm stuck with a bland diet of soaps, docusoaps and documentaries.

- Domespeak
The Dome has already given us a new invention for the millennium : Domespeak, writes David Lister.

- e-envoy
Can anyone provide Pandora with a translation of Tory MP John Redwood's following statement : Is the e-envoy in addition to the digital envoy announced a short while ago?

- e-shopping
It sold 22 items in six months because its customer base knew nothing of e-shopping and was not interested in the reduced product range anyway.

- e-text
Since 1971, volunteers at Project Gutenberg a University of Illinois initiative to make as much public-domain literature as possible available as e-text - have been typing in books

- eco-ethological
Sponsored by prestigious Millennium Commission fellowships, four of us were to use our findings to improve understanding in schools and communities ; the other three were paying volunteers contributing to Earthwatch's global programme of eco-ethological and environmental projects

- EMU-phile
I wrote that 'EMU's dirty little secret is that a lot of things will have to happen afterwards which its proponents hide from us today. Without harmonisation of tax, pensions and eventually welfare provision, it cannot be sustained. An EMU-phile minister and a Treasury adviser rounded on me the next day.

- etymosophy
Alongside the exhaustive gazetteer of 300 places of prehistoric interest each one visited (and most photographed) by Cope with wife Dorian and sometimes, daughters Albany and Avalon - are a series of impassioned essays on neglected mother goddesses, the perniciousness of indoor religions and a somewhat bizarre linguistic meditation (his 'etymosophy'), of which more later

- ExecuSec
Combine typing, answering the phone, sorting mail and organising diaries and you have a pretty accurate picture of a standard secretarial job. But throw in some drafting of reports, researching material on the Internet, liaising with clients, finance directors, chief executives and the press, a dash of office management and a healthy dose of information processing and what do you have? Welcome to the world of the ExecuSec.

- Fenc
Although colleges will not quite be able to push the proverbial boat out, it is a good start and shows that consortia such as Fenc - the Further Education National Consortium - have been making their composite voice heard.

- festivalitis
A nasty attack of festivalitis : In a farmhouse bedroom near Hay-on-Wye, Michael Glover realises he is sick of the literary circle.

- flat-costed
As her earnings are initially uncertain, a 'flat-costed' plan would be most appropriate, as Jenny would not be penalised if she had to stop or reduce contributions.

- flexi-office
The friendly, flexi-office involves nomadic working, moving desks as the tasks demand, using only mobile phones and open plans, lap-tops, intranets and e-mail.

- Frankenfood
In his evangelistic style, Rifkin warned of the dangers of Frankenfood. 'We are determined that genetically engineered food will not reach the market,' he said then. Six years later, genetically engineered tomatoes and soyabeans are on supermarket shelves throughout the world, and many more such products are set to follow.

- Frankenstein-esque
Set in 16th-century Prague, it is a retelling of the Frankenstein-esque Jewish morality fable.

- funpark
There's great free-riding terrain around Arare, while the Bleue du Lac piste, with its funpark and permanent half-pipe, is recommended for freestylers.

- gadgeteers
It is kept running by 'gadgeteers ' from Caltech who beg surplus parts from richer institutions, literally rummage in refuse bins, and apply liberal quantities of a sticky tape known as 'Palomar'.

- gerundives
Modern grammarians don't mention gerunds and gerundives at all; others prefer to talk about ' verbal nouns'.

- Gourmetgate
Using exclusively British produce, the Swissair Gourmetgate kitchens at Heathrow now serve organic meals on all flights out of the UK.

- Hellograph
THE DAILY Telegraph has been known as the Hellograph by Private Eye for some time, but even regular readers of the paper were amazed to see so much space given over to a naked Anthea Turner last week.

- Hey-ulp
Penelope has ditched her shrill southern belle intonings of 'Hey-ulp' and taken on a rather more lurid vocabulary.

- homewears
But, top of the heap is Debenhams, which has been launching increasingly impressive' designer' collections since 1993 and has, this year, set designers loose on homewears

- HTMLers
The design document serves as the blueprint of the site and is used as a guide by graphic artists, HTMLers and programmers

- Hubbardish
The midfield cupboard remains distinctly Mother Hubbardish in appearance however. Josh Lewsey does not yet possess the kicking game to hold down the stand- off berth and, while Jonny Wilkinson can kick like a mule, his confidence levels must be positively subterranean after Brisbane.

- human-cow
The human-cow hybrid did not survive beyond a few days but it developed to the stage of a 32-cell embryo in an experiment that has far-reaching ethical implications

- hurry-sickness
Cooper, a psychology professor and Watts, a scriptwriter, start by defining stress factors ; everything from 'hurry-sickness', environmental ill-health and bereavement to family pressure, bureaucracy and low self-image

- Inspectress
Dorothy Stroud always struck me as two people, as the aptly titled Inspectress of Sir John Soane's Museum, in Lincoln's Inn Fields, where for almost 40 years she intimidated students of all ages, and the genial partridge-like figure whose life centred on Onslow Square and who enjoyed giving dinner to her friends and making fruitful introductions between them

- isness
But the crucial point about this oversized and slightly squashed cigar tube is that, like the Simon Jersey building, it is an affront to the lumpen structures around it. And its sheer isness funnels straight into a key image that has plagued Bintliff since the Gulf War.

- Junkiebond
Now, in response to a novel proposal from the Rotterdam Junkiebond, the drug addicts' union, the municipal health authority has agreed to finance an old folks home, devoted exclusively to drug users, for a one-year pilot scheme.

- groundouts
They scored a pair of second-inning runs on groundouts and got homers from Jason Kendall and Kevin Young.

- gigasquillions
You've crossed gigasquillions of light years from a dying civilisation to fetch up, sweaty and exhausted (and extremely old), in our solar system.

- cannable
Half of the 3.2 million tonnes of tuna caught each year is the bluefin's small relative skipjack (Euthynnus pelamis). Common in the cannable size of 2 to 3.5 kg, it is fished by huge freezer ships.

- sexoholic
Now the nubile Cockney lovely has been seen stepping out with acrumbly sexoholic, namely, the human turtle Mr Michael Douglas,53-year-old Hollywood star and ladykiller.

- lust-stricken
To the sighs of many a lust-stricken male tennis fan, thelovely Anna Kournikova withdrew from the tournament with an injuredthumb, closely followed by Mary 'The Body' Pierce, and Britain's greatwhite hope, Greg Rusedski, whose ankle had given way.

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