Selected 2000 Neologisms

- weaselings
 It forces every one of us to look into ourselves and decide what's right. It allows no political weaselings. No hiding place.

- com-fusion
It might be paranoia, but I can't seem to get away from these voices telling me to use the internet. They are everywhere on posters, when I switch on the radio, on TV and in the paper. It is getting too much for me to take in. I believe there is even a medical term for my problem: "dot com-fusion".

- battle-rallying
It was the prime minister's bid for a major part on the global stage, and it was used to justify his passionate advocacy of military intervention in Kosovo, at a cost of some £5 bn. Now a test looms, determining whether that was simply battle-rallying rhetoric or the first sketch of a consistent political vision.

- gruff’n’ready
The judo incident (technically known as a tussle please note gruff'n'ready boyish undertones. Grrr)

- e-bond
Bond One of the world's biggest borrowers from capital markets, the European Investment Bank, has launched the first sterling denominated e-bond. It used the internet to sell an additional £500m tranche of an existing bond issue.

- e-marketeers
"The big barrier has been that you can get teenagers to surf but you cannot get them to buy because they are under age for having credit cards," explains director of Fletcher Research, Neil Bradford. This has been frustrating for e-marketeers because they know parents have been buying for teenagers but they have not been able to capitalise on the growing online teenage market.

- e-marketing
Now the UK internet industry has discovered Generation Y. This e-marketing buzzword is a direct reference to the large number of UK teenagers who have grown up in a world of exploding technology and for whom being wired up is as natural as having electricity.

- interrogees
"The supervisory mechanisms will not stop the slide down the slippery slope, which turns democracies into abhorrent regimes where security forces are above the law and immune from punishment whenever acts against Palestinian interrogees are involved."

- fatiguability
Impaired ability to express himself audibly, succinctly and relevantly. Easy fatiguability.

- politico-paramilitary
Anderson's lawyers claim his captors were members of Hizbullah, or Party of God, "a politico-paramilitary terrorist organisation operating in Lebanon" sponsored and directed by Iran.

- eco-warrior-clobbered
Appearance: Suspiciously roughed up, eco-warrior-clobbered boys next door. For the soap opera-minded, just imagine a whole band full of Coronation Street's Spider. Ugh!

- megaportal
No surprise, then, that Wetherell talks of turning the search engine into a 'megaportal', one which surfers would be compelled to visit. This also explains why a major marketing campaign promoting Alta Vista Europe is now underway.

- half-clone
Researchers' enthusiasm to differentiate between the two types of human cloning has made them great promoters of the virtues of old-fashioned sex as the best procreation method. After all, as Yanagimachi points out, a human child is a half-clone of each parent.

- iconomania
What can art do now? and What should art do now? are distinct questions, but they both go to the heart of the problem facing the visual arts in the age of global iconomania, in the multimedia blizzard of signs and non-signs.

- over-chargers
over-chargers Chelsea and Tottenham, two of the grossest over-chargers in the Premiership have both announced that season ticket prices are to be frozen for two years (in Chelsea 's case from the beginning of the 2001-2 season.)

- taboo-smashing
Religious committees in America are forcing edits and even complete bans on some cartoons, and the Internet has become the ideal host for taboo-smashing animation. Can traditional cartoons still find a place in the television viewer's day?

- supergoo
Professor Tom McLeish of Leeds University tells Quentin Cooper about the wonderful properties of a slime called supergoo, known more formally as low density polyethylene

- gun-mob
Karl Lagerfeld, her successor, clearly feels that the gangsta chic look is so in that they should give up that boring old tasteful business, and go for LA gun-mob chic.

- smell-alike
But wood smoke is again the smell of Gongshan at night, walking down the pitch-black main street, a dozen warm fires lit to entice passers-by to a barbecue: a mandatory stopping point for revellers leaving the karaoke bars, something to soften the blow of the beer and local consumable paint-thinner smell-alike, baijiu .

- army-like
It seemed that we had been transported to a world of militaristic oppression, since guards were mounted beside the stage while dancers in army-like uniforms marched in front of us.

- mini-atomic
Mr Hare said the explosion was like "a mini-atomic bomb ... It was sickening sight. There was just a huge fireball".

- femme-friendly
It was Craig David, femme-friendly in the flesh and on record, who won the most rapturous response from the young crowd at this summer's Party in the Park festival, and it is the nattily dressed boy with the mellifluous vocals who sports a near 1,000 Marco Valentino watch.

- tweenagers
Thanks to icons such as professional shopper Posh Spice and a culture of consumerism, today's 12 to-16-year-old girls are rich and brand-aware enough to comprise a consumer group in their own right. There's even a snappy name for these mini-adults in designer breeches: tweenagers.

- voyeur-fest
Oh brother! I swear I was going to ignore it but I just happened to be walking past the TV set and ...The trouble with Big Brother, C4's 24 hour voyeur-fest, is that one gets so involved.

- anti-perspiration
That prime ministerial sweat is now being blamed on a humble cup of coffee. Bottles of mineral water fill a fridge behind the stage and Tony Blair, who wears anti-perspiration make-up, is banned from drinking coffee three hours before he speaks.

- toothy-smile
The Mets claim a solid white working class base, a solid, white, lower middle class and a 'toothy-smile' following stretching out along Long Island and typified by Hillary Clinton's electoral rival Rick Lazio.

- napsterisation
No matter what happens to Napster, napsterisation will march on. If music can cut out the computer in the middle, then so can films, books, audio and electronic commerce a warning to all the business-to-business electronic market places now being constructed.

- strumpety
Sandra was typical of these strumpety women, according to Tony anyway. Sandra was a "woman from hell" who had ruined a perfectly good marriage, Tony said. It was his marriage and Sandra had ruined it by having an affair with him.

- bunchy-outy
There's about three times as much material in a pleated curtain,' says Sally Hudson, curtain buyer at John Lewis, which gives you a fuller bunchy-outy effect.

- rechristianising
I am sure that the movement inside the Church of England to break the ties with the state will grow; disestablishment offers it the chance to become a campaigning missionary and a real agent, as it will see itself, of rechristianising Britain.

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