Selected 2001 Neologisms

- apathy-inducing
Could it be that doing something about the boring stuff is, well, so boring as to be apathy-inducing?

- jeerers
The pens of these lofty jeerers drip with universal indiscriminate malice over good and bad people alike, with as much interest in the difference as Jonathan Aitken's "sword of truth".

- loyal-ish
After a lifetime spent as a loyal-ish subject of your sister/daughter and watching the family on telly doing whatever, one knows exactly what you look like but has no idea what you sound like.

- workerish
While do-nothing conservatism is their mode, they enjoy extremism of any complexion and excoriate the dreary toil of incremental improvement - bor-ring , sin-cere and social workerish.

- Nixonianism
He was a gracious tribune of the poor and dispossessed at a time when his party had been taken over by Nixonianism. The division between Lindsay and Nixon was not one of economic management. Lindsay was a classic welfarist. But then Nixon was also a big spender whose presidency was marked by the greatest extension of federal powers and government agencies since the days of FDR.

- fudge-packer
As the most famous gay man in Britain he was a cardboard cut-out figure, the political Village People's Machiavelli, a parody of the gay man as the shifty fudge-packer in the corner.

- e-voter
The e-voter survey showed online political advertising has some unintended and potentially negative consequences.

- chubsters
After all, what better confection to turn the little piggies into proper porkers than that which has transformed the nation's children into Europe's newly crowned top chubsters?

- over-tested
While more tests might provide a better overall picture of the abilities of potential students, we have to be very careful about the proliferation of exams and tests. Students in secondary education are already over-tested.

- campus-visit
Westminster's open days feature presentations, campus tours and advice stalls, while Bath Spa University College has post-application campus-visit days following their main open day in May.

- office-fodder
The organisations I was talking to seemed to be in a state of chaos, or unable to think beyond the narrowest boundaries. Almost every one had failed to reply, lost my details, didn't want me or needed me only as unskilled office-fodder.

- psuedo-casually
Uneasily, I eye the other people flipping pseudo-casually through the racks. The man beside me has a hungry look in his eye.

- anti-globalisation
The area around Porto Alegre, in fact, was the focus for violent protests against biochemical giant Monsanto's genetically modified soya seeds this year. Yet McDonald's has not attracted the same anti-globilisation resentment.

- scenery-struck
Uncurried goats wander everywhere. It's picture-book territory, but Jamaica's roads are so badly maintained that even the most scenery-struck driver must concentrate on the task at hand.

- region-coded
And, unlike the audio CDs they superficially resemble, they are region-coded, so forget about buying cheap davids from the US unless your player has been specifically modified for multi-region capability.

- smut-fest
Teen smut-fest American Pie 2 is being screened on the internet two weeks before it is due to hit cinema screens.

- screech-fuhrer
This is the brainchild of screech-fuhrer Perry Farrell, who's been much taken with the recent flashmob fad, in which upwards of 200 people gather at an appointed place to execute some pointless task.

- menstrual-products
Besides, the curriculum for that single hour of menstrual education is likely to be provided by the menstrual-products industry itself .

- fuzzy-minded
Value judgments are politically inspired assertions. Literary theory is fine provided you accept that it is all a game. Liberalism and humanism are fuzzy-minded self-deception. His own brand of intellectual showmanship is therefore the purest honesty.

- overtapped
But such artificially low charges maintain the fiction of cheap water and hide the fact that supplies are under increasing threat as ground water supplies are overtapped and rivers run dry .

- sockwear
But before reading any of Feeding Frenzy, it is advisable to consult the index, which covers not only the usual 'people, places and things, but also ideas, obsessions and my own irritating stylistic tics', so as to include 'tongues, locking', matching socks and shoes, co-ordinated foot and sockwear', and 'snicker-snack, fateful, of psychosis'.

- product-hungry
The answer is that you get a bit of both, although the distinction between bespoke collections and more apparently random gatherings, frequently made under the aegis of product-hungry publishers at various (often posthumous) points in a writer's career, is not a particularly reliable index to quality.

- half-pretending
At the time, I'd recently finished my second novel, and so I offered to stay with my father while my mother had her operation. To steer clear of his pride, she and I agreed to pretend that I was coming for her sake, not his. What's odd, though, is that I was only half-pretending.

- pyrrhically
My mother maintained that it was inconsiderate not to wear a hearing aid; my father complained that other people lacked the consideration to "speak up". The battle culminated pyrrhically, in his purchase of a hearing aid that he then declined to wear.

- e-reader
E Ink, one of the two companies developing this "electronic paper", revealed a prototype of a new lightweight e-reader, scheduled to go on sale in 2003. Its creators say it will be only a centimetre thick, with a seven-inch diagonal screen, and run on two AA batteries.

- English-schoolboy
Although some commentators still insist on treating his spanking fetish as if it were a kinky diversion, a naughty bit of English-schoolboy vice, he was engaged in far more than recreational play , as his use of the phrase 'anally sadistic' indicates.

- tatteration
He smuggled cigarettes into the hospital, even though, as Lahr notes, he was hooked up to enough oxygen to blow him and part of the ward into tatteration.

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