Selected 2002 Neologisms

- e-Season
Subscribers to the site's e-Season Ticket package, which costs £40 a year, will receive the game free of charge. Liverpool along with Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United recently introduced a subscription service for match highlights and archived game coverage.

- breath-clouds
Be an armchair critic: write your own review How it fared in the ratings Kenneth Branagh as General Reinhard Heydrich BBC2, Friday January 25, 9pm Kathryn Flett, the Observer Verdict: near-faultless In the end, perhaps the most admirable thing about a near-faultless piece of drama (my only complaint : the mysterious lack of breath-clouds during those icy exterior shots  was Conspiracy 's restraint.

- urine-damp
And the only way to make those sleek little windows shine is to kneel on the urine-damp floor with your head in the bowl and scrub each one with a green scourer, breathing in an overpowering essence of piss all the while.

- over-bothered
Healey himself does not seem over-bothered about Saturday, typically. "It wouldn't surprise me in the least if I'm not in the team at Murrayfield. Sure, I'd probably be upset not to be in, but I wouldn't be remotely shocked. Mind you, nobody's safe. There's a huge competition for places in the England team now."

- de-bugged
We don't buy any software at all. It's the only way to go as this stuff has to be de-bugged and we use the software very hard. Lots of proprietary systems are designed to work on one particular application and if you stretch that application too far they break.

- gourmandoisie
Snaring a table at El Bulli is an extreme sport of the international gourmandoisie.

- after-class
Another student added that students were invited to attend an after-class orgy at another instructor's home.

- neo-Americans
The hijacking of the cheated Canadian pairs figure skaters, David Pelletier and Jamie Sale, as neo-Americans in the face of those twin demons the Russians (as in the other gold-medal pair) and the French as in Marie-Reine Le Gougne, the judge who said she was told to vote for the Russians) has been quite breathtaking.

- neo-whatever-you-got
Look closely, though, and you can almost see yeomen folk stealing from their rose-fringed neo-whatever-you-got cottages to touch the forelock when the duke rides by in his eco-friendly Aston Martin.

- patient-less
For a long first hour she reassured viewers this was normally a feverishly busy place, even though behind her was a scene of patient-less desolation. She seemed almost relieved when a real life patient appeared.

- Widgety
Berry, however, says smaller products are best suited to it. 'The average transaction in the UK is £19.50. Widgety things sell particularly well,' he explains. 'If you've got a venetian blind cleaner, a little catalogue is the way to sell it.

- metropolis-sized
Flying over it on the return journey, it is clear that no road ever will. For mile on mile, glaciers like metropolis-sized bearskin rugs lie splayed over the mountain tops, limbs descending east into Argentina and westwards towards the sea.

- tramp-philosopher
The cartoons of George Price, George Booth and Charles Addams, for instance; the stories of JD Salinger and the profiles of Joseph Mitchell (most especially his classic portrait of the tramp-philosopher Joe Gould).

- pigeon-essence
Part of what he studies, naturally, is Britain itself, where even London pigeons, fat and grey and rat-like though they are, appear to be coursing with something imperial and rare, some pigeon-essence that powers their strut and their pompous inquisitiveness'.

- peakier
Perhaps my mother can be persuaded to vote. Our last hope in the fight against fascism. Last night she spotted the Pope on telly, trembling and tilting sideways as he ruled the Catholic church. She was rather cheered by this. He looked even peakier than she does.

- prognostics
Yet although this year looks like the road to nowhere for both Kelner and the paper, doomy prognostics from the savants underestimate the Indy's capacity to survive, and the willingness of its owners to keep it going.

- anti-intellectualising
Like the plays of John Osborne, the films of Lindsay Anderson, this new art and architecture was to be real angry, anti-intellectualising, about the visceral experience of modern ordinary life.

- dead-at-heart
So let's leave the last word on the dear old Queen Mother to the girl herself - Diana, mourner at every wedding and bride at every funeral loser and still champ, whose bitchiness and insecurities rendered her a real woman as opposed to a stoic statue, thus making the dead-at-heart hate her for her vitality, and who might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb when it comes to cattiness The Queen Mother?

- schoolmaster-ish
Mr Meacher can sound quaintly schoolmaster-ish about it all: he talks of the people who behave badly being "mainly, I fear, youths and maidens maidens!

- blogged
In the technology world, the blog has become the standard news medium: and especially at this conference. Throughout the four days, perhaps 50 of the attendees "blogged" the proceedings.

- lunchsets
The wonderful lunchsets on sale in the supermarkets feasts of rice, salmon, ham, vegetables.

- crocodile-ish
The Liverpool Daily Post had West Derby 's Labour MP Bob Wareing shedding crocodile-ish tears on the former topic I think it 's terrible that all those people living near Heathrow are going to suffer when in fact we could be developing Liverpool airport

- fretgod
"I once asked Mark Knopfler if he would like a beer," says Lance Phillips. "I was at the bar getting a round in and he was working at the studio that then employed me; he just said 'I think I can take care of that' and took over the whole round. I was caught in an apoplexy of confusion; annoyed at his attitude but chuffed that a multi-millionaire rock star and fretgod had bought me a pint of Old Peculiar."

- superflood
Leading Paris museums, including the Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay, are to move thousands of priceless artworks from their basement storerooms because of a feared "superflood" in the French capital this winter.

- stagekids
On which note, we leave a band who, behind the high spirits, farting, ringtones and water fights, really aren't the bratty stagekids you'll see on TV.

- off-tempo
Spurning samples they shot into space, experimenting with off-tempo handclaps and skittered skew-whiff beats that echoed endlessly around their intergalactic Supa Dupa planet.

- faux-charm
Kiera Knightley never wanted to do anything but act. She's no stage-school product (she was educated at her local comprehensive), and she's not remotely hammy or camp. A little stagey at moments maybe, but there's no Anna Scher-inspired faux-charm about her.

- milk-rich
However, its creator, the US-based company Morphotek, says it could be valuable to drug and agriculture companies, making it possible to isolate highly profitable breeds, drought-resistant plants or milk-rich cows.

- bio-imaging
The Beacon research programme, part of a DTI initiative to provide a platform for UK world-class research in the areas of bioinformatics, bio-imaging and nanotechnology, will focus on developing technologies that will provide novel healthcare solutions.

- poverty-abolition
The Institute for Fiscal Studies estimates that the government needs to spend another 2.5bn on tax credits to get 1.1 million children out of poverty by April 2005, to hit the key quarter-way mark in Labour's poverty-abolition pledge.

- black-empowered
While Lonmin said it sold its Independence Gold operation to a local black-empowered group after running up considerable losses, Rio Tinto continues to pursue gold mining and other exploration work.

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