Selected 2004 Neologisms

- podcast
to keep them soothed before their morning walk, I've rigged up a podcast. Podcasting is the name for a new combination of technologies that automatically downloads audio files to your MP3 player via your computer.

- un-smoky
Six single malts Bruichladdic , 10-year-old 24.99 Unusual for Islay whiskies ( which are mostly heavy and peaty ), this is light and un-smoky.

- bio-waste
In the courtyard of my own block, there are no less than seven different sorts: green bins with white, brown and green lids for different sorts of glass; a blue one for paper, a yellow one for plastic and metal, and a brown one for "bio-waste", in other words plate-scrapings and other yukky matter.

- eco-gloom
Thankfully, there are chinks in the eco-gloom. Although we've been slow to embrace sustainable principles, a shift is beginning to occur at least in Europe. The waste disposal plant at Delft, in Holland, by Dutch architects UN, for example, wonderfully communicates changing attitudes.

- garbage-making
'If not for 20th-century garbage-making skills, we 'd all be buried under 20th-century garbage,' observes the mayor.

- sub-classifications
Inconsistent standards and opacity seem to have been in place at least since Congress passed the Immigration Act of 1990 which set out a labyrinth of classifications and sub-classifications for visas. Foreign artists had to prove themselves to be of "extraordinary ability" to obtain an 01 type visa, or of "international renown" to get a P2.

- fightfest
Star Wars : Episode III will be a fightfest, with the majority of screentime consisting of battle scenes, according to the film's stunt coordinator Nick Gillard.

- pro-atheism
Since I had written a pro-atheism book and co-authored a pamphlet against the expansion of religious schools, she thought I might be a suitable candidate.

- tipsier
The noise at its general level was all but intolerable, and at frequent intervals it surged: there was a big television screen on one wall, invisible to most of the people in the room and not yet being watched seriously by anyone because events at the Booker dinner were still at the stage of preliminary commentary, and a number of the tipsier among our party felt it a great joke to yell Phooaaarrr at the tops of their voices whenever a name was said.

- walrus-sized
In the Daily Mirror, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson sympathised with the men who endured the years when if you had a chest rug you weren't seen as a sex god, more as walrus-sized singing god Demis Roussos.

- poo-loving
The Little Mole is a scatological masterpiece. In what is surely a brilliant metaphor for life, the Little Mole emerges from his hole one morning to find a curly poo sitting on his head. He spends the rest of the book asking various animals: "Did you do this on my head?" It's a kind of Prime Suspect for poo-loving toddlers.

- prize-bearers
There are plenty of rewards on offer, but the risks are great too, as the prize-bearers are far from keen on releasing them India's annual Pongal festival is held in the village of Peelamedu near the southern city of Madurai in the province of Tamil Nadu.

I wear velcroed clothes so that once I 'm over the hoardings I can be stripped and running around on the pitch in an instant.

- ticket-clenching
At Cheltenham in 2003, I was in the owners' tent for the Champion Chase. A huge cheer went up when two horses fell at the second last. If you looked at the boozed-up, ticket-clenching, exultant faces of the cheerers, you realised they couldn't care less.

The after-effects of a Thursday night storm allowed only a half-serving yesterday and Bond, understandably, was tentative; this was no day for a speed-gun reading.

- zero-politics
It was a mystery to me why he struggled at Renault. Maybe politics had something to do with it. But BAR is a zero-politics team. We've stepped up to the next level this year, and so has he.

- e-record
This will be a website where students set out on a virtual journey across the world. Along the way, they will solve problems to provide clues to each destination, and create an e-record of their travels. It will be an exercise in real-life research skills, with expert email advisers available to answer questions.

- micropublishing
Weblogs or "blogs" are a form of online micropublishing, typically of personal thoughts and web links. The advent of freely available blog software has removed the technical hurdles to writing online. Many traditional media outlets see blogs as a form of unchecked and amateur journalism, but to the highly technical and incestuous "blogerati", blogs are both a new genre of writing and a force for democratic good.

- e-portfolio
Assessment is another area where blogs may have something to offer. Students taking courses that require evidence of the process, rather than the final product, to gain accreditation would benefit from the journal format and the ability for others to comment on what has been posted. These features take blogs beyond being a simple e-portfolio and are particularly useful where there is a need for proof that feedback was given and acted on.

- cheek-reddening
Alfa Romeo use it for their 156 and Volvo use it for the V50 , and , in its bold self-contradictoriness , its ambition seems to be to spin one back to the 1960s, when estates were more exotic and could seem redolent of pine-scented, cheek-reddening, Alpine ski-trips, rather than dutifully belted journeys to the municipal swimming pool.

- butt-sex
This Joplin book is insanely graphic, you know, all abscesses, butt-sex, heroin this cocaine that. I can't believe she was like that.

- eBaying
Accordingly eBay has made the ultimate transformation from trademarked proper noun to verb: I may eBay that vase later tonight my decorator spends all his evenings eBaying for a 1982 BMW.

- fourth-official
A new fourth official would have been logical, but instead the Premier League brought in a new, and inexperienced, referee and shifted Bennett to fourth-official duties.

- un-phat
In a totally square, Famous Five (i.e. un-phat) way, there is something fun about the idea of a weekend 's caravanning.

- supertrendy
Undoubtedly one of Madrid 's coolest hang-outs, and shows no signs of falling out of favour with the city's supertrendy crowd.

- Kerouac-esque
There are plenty of important details missing from this memoir. The five chapters do not amount to a formal autobiography, more a Kerouac-esque riff on some formative moments.

- parent-alienating
Britpop's musical retrospection gave it cross-generational appeal - dads liked Oasis too - but dance music had the parent-alienating folk-devil edge of punk or psychedelia: tabloid headlines about drug epidemics, the criminal justice bill, which famously legislated against music primarily categorised by "repetitive beats".

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