Selected 2005 Neologisms

- under-budgeting
The company also hinted it was likely to incur a one-off charge of 600,000 primarily in relation to unforeseen staffing costs at its Hammicks stores acquired in 2003. This under-budgeting is thought to be one of the reasons behind the surprise resignation of finance director Edward Knighton in September.

- knickery
A survey commissioned for P&O Cruises exclusively revealed that among the many, many items we cram into our suitcases, like so much sage and onion into the derriere of a chicken, are 21 pairs of knickers for a 14 day summer holiday. In the interests of hygiene, VPL and seduction, we think this is more than reasonable. Well done, our knickery sisters.

- tubthump
Ian Botham still thinks England can win. The man's ability to tubthump knows no bounds.

- gonzo-metal
He would then play some example of dizzyingly brilliant gonzo-metal - something by AC / DC, ideally although UFO would do - and hail it in the kind of stentorian tones that only seemed to underline the music's brute power.

- unpowdered
Oh, you may think, with your unpowdered complexion, that your skin beams with that cockle-warm glow of rude health. Alas, no, my naive little kittens. Nine times out of 10, you in fact resemble a shiny, sweaty moonface, fresh from the moshpit. Powder finishes a look think of it like the parsley garnish on top of the fish pie of your make-up: it makes you look well-groomed, unflappable and, well, complete.

- re-synch
A crisply executed see-if-I-can-make em-yawn experiment is just the thing to re-boot and re-synch everyone's operating system. In technical terms: it is a stimulating educational experience.

- underegg
Never one to underegg a pudding, he went on and on These are houses. They're static. as if he'd scored a huge debating point.

- here-after
Kurt Cobain's mother called it that stupid club the enclosure  presumably located somewhere in the here-after in which Jim Morrison clinks glasses with Brian Jones, Gram Parsons tries to avoid Sid Vicious, and all those stars who suffered an early death toast the revenue from posthumous record sales.

- blokiest
The meals are one of the blokiest things about the original trilogy.

- soapishness
As the episodes went by, I became mildly hooked on the very German high-seriousness, combined with the story's extravagant soapishness.

- punkadelic
The punkadelic blast of early Fanclub has given way to a lyrical folk-pop feel, although they do permit themselves a voyage into scuzzy space-rock in Born Under a Good Sign, and the band's always excellent harmonies sound preternaturally warm and smooth .

- dumb-asses
Those dumb-asses don't know what they 're doing - On the US Congress after President Bush signed a law in 2004 imposing sanctions on the Belarussian regime.

- e-move
Last week, the Cross household moved, a few miles across north London. What we lacked in geographical ambition we tried to make up with technology. This was to be an e-move: every possible step would be carried out on the web.

- quasi-marriages
Although, like Widdecombe, Lord Falconer, a former commercial lawyer is not the first person you might turn to for advice - even less so perhaps, after his record on the dome - that is not to say private cohabitation arrangements shouldn't be turned into quasi-marriages with a similar set of perks and penalties.

- solemnified
The first novels ever written were novels that made us laugh. We laugh rarely when we're reading now, aloud or to ourselves. The blockbusters which people take to the beach, like the novels solemnified by 9/11 though those make it far less frequently to the seaside are read as though in a trance.

- biblically-driven
But, like Black Prophet, his biblically-driven Ghanaian beach Rasta, we, too, would probably have ended up telling him what to think instead of letting him frame his own questions and find his own answers.

- soapery
Denice Purdie says she is aiming for a modern image for her products we haven't gone for Scottish twee at all she says - and has ambitious plans to build a soapery at Colintraive to provide local employment. The business opened an e-commerce website,, in September, but so far it has taken just a single order.

Which is to say, Downey makes Kilmer's hardboiled gay private eye seem laconic and world-weary while Kilmer makes Downey's troubleprone screw-up seem charming and worth rooting for.

- carrotiness
On the bag it read, 'We oppose excessive cosmetic grading which often results in up to 40% of the crop being wasted. This is how they grow in nature.' No apologies for their general 'carrotiness' some day all carrots will be grown this way.

- tastebud-trouncing
Closer to home Richard Corrigan reinvented that classic Irish mash, champ, as a fit companion to high-class cooking and then went on to create a tastebud-trouncing, stomach-storming oxtail mash.

- politisoap
A variety of readers have been in touch about minor inaccuracies in The Deal, the politisoap shown on Channel 4 on Sunday night.

- tactics-lite
It's also unnecessarily difficult with its tactics-lite squad-based shooting antics regularly getting frustrating in the exact way Tom Clancy 's Rainbow Six series did before it.

- anti-opiates
Jon Grant, a maverick University of Minnesota researcher, consultant for several pharmaceutical companies, and one of the few scientists studying theft as an addiction, plugs anti-opiates. They "bring the pleasure of stealing down to a normal level", he argues.

- festival-themed
Friday sees them return to the Custard Factory for a four-arena, festival-themed affair with a playlist covering hard house, psy-trance, breaks, techno, jump-up, drum'n'bass and jungle.
- text-voter
Even if you're not a text-voter, or you're pushing 30, live in a rural idyll, and have no idea what, say merk shotting or brap mean, the effect of landing in a sympathetic heroine's shoes is a cunning trick.

- half-memorable
Similarly, Madonna has benefited from the law of averages on a couple of half-memorable singles, but music - as opposed to the marketing of music - would be no different if she'd never bothered.

- squint-inducing
From the shady to the grainy: the News of the World on Sunday splashed with squint-inducing pictures of Beckham and the brunette. It's 2.30 am and lonely England ace cosies up with girl in Madrid club.

- chatroom-going
As many London-living, chatroom-going Americans have remarked, you would not be able to get away with this kind of thing in the US.

- treacle-baked
The food makes a point of local ingredients - on our visit, there were treacle-baked free-range Middlewhite ribs from Garstange with devilled black peas, and warm pickled brisket from the Trough of Bowland with cress and homemade piccalilli.

- homo-bashing
According to the owner of one of these absurd religious theme parks, the Kentucky-based Ken Ham, this is all part of America 's homo-bashing culture wars.

- Dylan-sized
Shulman short, grim and with a monk's hairdo is a peculiar poster boy for the cause of the "theft addict". In his keynote address, he congratulates the attendees for "making history", but then turns sour, complaining that a Bob Dylan-sized audience has failed to turn out.

- batty-old-bag
There are moments when this performance threatens to descend into one of Lipman's batty-old-bag turns, and others when it is just comically sublime; although Lipman is at her very best in a scene when a steely matron interrupts a recital complaining on behalf of the music lovers of America.

- terror-resistant
Their power comes not from terror but a terror-resistant strain of hope, so sturdy it can take root in the midst of Colombia's seemingly hopeless civil war.

- poverty-preventing
The dwindling state basic pension would be turned into a poverty-preventing citizen's pension, based on residency not contributions, earnings-related so it will not continue to shrink.

- computer-servicing
I smile at all the faulty Time PCs brought in here says the owner of a Burnley computer-servicing shop, a line of Simonstone computers in various stages of repair still standing in front of his cash register.

- weak-as-water
The songs from her weak-as-water album American Life sounded great, thanks to Price's beefy arrangements, and even the diabolical Hollywood seemed fabulous when the dancers were giving their all.

- debt-bingeing
At some point the process of loading ever more debt on to pubs will reach a natural conclusion. But binge-drinking and debt-bingeing will be this sector's calling cards for a while yet.

- wacky-lite
A very wacky-lite, low-key kind of comedy from debut actor-director Zach Braff. It has a keen eye for detail and some lovely moments, though it also descends to a few platitudes at times.

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