Selected 2006 Neologisms

Alone, his comment might be dismissed as the forlorn rantings of a lone anti-citrus bigot.

- whupp-ass
Juve, plainly bored with Milan's company, simply opened a large can of whupp-ass on their newly-promoted hosts.

- Transfer-ban
Chelsea have denied breaking the rules in their fight for Nigerian teenager John Obi Mikel , after the BBC obtained access to a letter from the MU Rowdies to Fifa demanding a season-long transfer-ban on the Special One and chums.

- e-grocery
Tesco's e-grocery service has also proved a big success. However, it is based on a very different model customers' orders are selected, packed and dispatched from a "bricks-and-mortar" store as opposed to an Ocado-style warehouse.

- paedo-chic
Girlish as they are , they are rather flattering without quite being an example of what I call in my more refined moments paedo-chic. I refer you to the resurgence of Miffy and Hello Kitty as style icons.

- hoodied
A pretty, brilliant American girl goes to sleep in an Oxford sleep laboratory, and never wakes up shot in the night by a man wearing a hoodie. Chief suspect is her troubled (and hoodied) sort of boyfriend.

- interest-o-meter
With Davies floundering in his role as MC, just a few sides left in the drum and the early fixtures barely registering a flicker on the Fiver's interest-o-meter, it was more in hope than expectation that we stayed tuned to events at Soho Square rather than switching the channel to revel at the latest madcap scheme involving mischievous Toadfish replacing Harold's tuba with Paul Robinson's prosthetic leg on Neighbours.

- anti-moustache
The official reasoning given for these anti-moustache sentiments, beyond the operating theatre at least, are bunkum of the highest order. Employers have argued in the past that facial hair is unhygienic! An employees' eyebrows, sideburns and arm hair are all sanitary enough but apparently you can never be sure when an employee might go postal and use their moustache to daub E.coli all over the workplace. Heaven knows we've seen it before.

- joke-rock
In the last series of Rock School (Channel 4, Sunday), joke-rock legend Gene Simmons somehow managed to create a rock'n'roll band from the hallowed halls and manicured lawns of Christ 's Hospital school .

- frumphood
Jess Cartner-Morley The pleated skirt has long been sartorial shorthand for frumphood.

- KKK-type
And when he asked me, in his Alabama drawl , if I was English , I thought Another typical raghead-hating, stars-and-bars, KKK-type redneck.

- nimf-ism
However , motoring organisations are sceptical about whether motorway drivers can be persuaded to allow an extra person to share their space - a reluctance dubbed nimf-ism or not in my front seat.

- snot-dribbling
She slumps, she croons, she recollects the confusions of her childhood world. There are moments of adult irony and of snot-dribbling tearful anger.

- hyperbuck
Our Croat counterparts are the talk of the kiosk this morning after revealing that not one but two clubs are lining up hyperbuck deals for the really , really , really good Ronaldinho.

- screech-fuhrer
This is the brainchild of screech-fuhrer Perry Farrell, who's been much taken with the recent flashmob fad, in which upwards of 200 people gather at an appointed place to execute some pointless task.

- Jowellgate
It's been hard for Gordon Brown to compete with Jowellgate, loans for ermine, stonking great deficits in the NHS and Labour rebellions over the education bill.

- death-of-the-Sixties
Riot as a whole is one of the definitive death-of-the-Sixties artefacts, an aural downer in the aftermath of the decade that was supposed to change the world

- Cowell-alike
It broadly satirises a pop idol-like TV show (with Grant as your Cowell-alike) and an out of touch US president who makes an appearance on it.

- hellpits
The guilds system was a voluntary method of management that gave every worker a degree of responsibility for his own output, which is rare in today's Fordist production lines and service centre hellpits.

- Debenhamed
Time and again he discovers: "Where there was once production there is only heritage now." Glasgow, he notes bitterly, "has been Dixoned and Debenhamed". And yet, as he journeys through this post-industrial, chainstore-massacred landscape, McKie is alive to what's good.

- eco-renovate
The family rents a ramshackle cottage in Dorset, but plans to "eco-renovate" a property once the money from the house sale in France comes through. "We want to be as green as we can, but on a budget," she says.

- jingothon
If this was an example of what we can expect at the World Cup, where the England side will field 11 Englishmen, then we're in for a jingothon of blinkered nationalism that will make Pathe newsreels of the Suez invasion look like models of factual objectivity

- ultra-materialistic
The change is part of a big push to strengthen Confucian values among the population of 1.3 billion people in China at a time when moral compasses have been sent spinning by the country 's rapid shift from revolutionary communism to ultra-materialistic capitalism

- shit-eater
How he says what he says, of course, opens us into the central irony of most Amis novels , in which the issue of storytelling is always the issue of character, of self-interest and nuanced self-deception - narrative as the filthy Nabokovian stream from which the reader, like a shit-eater at the bottom of the labour camp food chain, must filter moral sustenance

- Googleware
Googleware, the seamless union of hardware and software, gives the search company the largest computer system in the world and keeps it ahead of the competition.

- scampishly
I Want You, scampishly introduced as a slow one for the ladies and all the pretty boys is only slow compared with the runaway-train velocity of Checkin' it Out and Get Delirious.

- Wagnerphiles
No doubt there are some Wagnerphiles who are glad to have a culturally acceptable version of Tolkien, but that does not account for all of his appeal.

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