Selected 2007 Neologisms

- schoolteacher-ly
'Was that last question from a "G Hands"?' adds the drummer, in his soft-spoken, schoolteacher-ly fashion.

- skin-prickler
‘The real skin-prickler, though, is 'Isle of Her', a creepy chant-along. The added rock weight is a revelation here’.

- supermarket-starved
But his pledge to open branches in America's notorious, supermarket-starved 'food deserts' suggests a desire to do some real good and has won him favour in political circles.

- elevator-team
The perennial "elevator-team" (always going up and down between the divisions) are only one point clear of the relegation zone and the person responsible for inadvertently pushing the B for Basement button has been easily identified.

- alkinise
Lemons, as acidic as they are, alkinise the body.

- semi-immortality
Nevertheless, life expectancy for a man in Britain is 75, an improvement of 35 years on the beginning of the 19th century but some way short of the semi-immortality everyone seems to seek in the pampered western world.

- ankle-booted
I've never really understood the point of "trendy" shoes, which tends to mean "the same footwear that everyone else is wearing this month. To see a group of teenagers marching down the high street, all uniformly ankle-booted, is to be reminded of the scene in Dances With Wolves when Kevin Costner faces down an oncoming herd of cloven-hooved beasts; where's the individuality in resembling a stampeding piece of steak?

- interest-o-meter
With Davies floundering in his role as MC, just a few sides left in the drum and the early fixtures barely registering a flicker on the Fiver's interest-o-meter.

- fuck-rate
The fuck-rate, already high in This Life 10 is approximately trebled for The Thick of It (BBC4). It's pretty much every other word; sometimes it splits a word in two, as in melafuckingnoma.

- joke-rock
In the last series of Rock School (Channel 4, Sunday), joke-rock legend Gene Simmons somehow managed to create a rock'n'roll band from the hallowed halls and manicured lawns of Christ's Hospital school.

- gadgetologists
He will be performing his gig in real, human form on February 3 while gadgetologists translate his words and movements into a 3D computer version.

- cam-phone
The People's Review, in which Katie Derham looked back at 2006 through viewer cam-phone footage, including, rather unfortunately from a scheduling perspective, people who had used the capture button to capture criminals.

- promo-tainment
Fanny Hill stars newcomer Rebecca Night as Fanny Hill, Alison Steadman as Mrs Brown and Hugo Speer as Mr H. The show was promoted heavily with promo-tainment segments showing behind-the-scenes footage for eight weeks before launch and a trailer shown on BBC1, BBC2 and BBC4 for two weeks beforehand

- thigh-sized
One moment you're rustling among the prickly leaves of your quartet of plants, looking for the first finger-sized, orange-flowered stick of speckled green to carry triumphantly to the kitchen; the next, you 're bundling armfuls of thigh-sized marrows hither and thither, wondering if they can be hollowed out to make umbrella stands.

- pingery
By God, Babel has a shot on him, he crashes a shot into Taylor's palms after some penalty-box pingery.

- alternate-week
The council is expanding a more common, if less popular, way of reducing landfill: alternate-week collections of rubbish and recycling.

- faux-democratic
Mind you, even the most bone-headed online debate is infinitely more sophisticated than any kind of public discourse you'll see on TV, particularly if you're watching the news and they've just invited their viewers to call in for some kind of faux-democratic Have Your Say segment, which inevitably functions in the same way as someone turning on a gigantic idiot magnet, given the sort of dribbling thicksicle it attracts.

- chatroom-monitoring
Responding to suggestions from traders and IT specialists, Reuters has also introduced a chatroom-monitoring system. For example, a group of commodity traders can set up their own virtual community, which shares a chatroom. Instead of checking the chatroom all day, a precious metals trader can tell Reuters Messaging to send alerts whenever key words such as "gold", "silver" or "platinum" are used.

- rumour-hungry
Reuters is poised to announce a partnership with Yahoo! that will give the news provider's rumour-hungry customers millions of potential new contacts through instant messaging.

- gagbook
Like many comedians, including Bob Monkhouse, he kept a gagbook to remind him of the exact phrasing that got the best reaction. He had one, tattered with use, by the ringside. The other was his fair copy. Both have been rediscovered by Ann Featherstone, a Manchester University lecturer, among the possessions of a friend of hers, Paul Newman. "In all my research, I have never seen anything like it," she said.The 200 gags in Lawrence's book poke fun at women.

- out-pedants
Nadal Nadal breaks! He found all sorts of angles that game and at 30 40 seals things with a searing cross-court forehand. "Simpson and anaesthetic? Dunlop and pneumatic tyres? Macadam and tarmac? Nobody charmless out-pedants me," insists Siobhan Cavanagh.

- combat-happy
There is an entire room devoted to papier-mache dinosaurs, as well as enough toy soldiers to keep a load of combat-happy kids amused.

- pre-lubricated
They were no slouches back in the days of Duran Duran, ET and the Kodak Disc camera either: original world champ Minh Thai was just 16 and had to use a brand new cube when he posted his time of 22 seconds. For today's competitors, they come pre-lubricated.

- sporks
Especially sporks - those bastard utensil hybrids ooze the old you that ate soggy couscous and shabby pasta salads at your desk.

- dance-fighting
We sipped caipirinhas , listened to bossa nova , and bought banana cakes from the banana cake lady , cheese kebabs from the cheese kebab lady and chicken kebabs from As the sunlight faded , the local capoeira club ( no-contact dance-fighting ) would begin their daily training , a show with more entertaining acrobatic moves than anything you'll see at the Olympics.

- sandsurfed
In the mornings, after gorging on more fresh fruit than you'd find on Carmen Miranda's head, we sandsurfed (on snowboards with Velcro bindings) down dunes before the sun and wind turned the desertscape into a massive convection oven.

The Celestial Brush is the game's other major departure, which allows you to paint out obstacles, slice up enemies and refoliate the game's desolate landscapes into a lush, flower-strewn paradise.

- non-delusional
She and the non-stupid, non-delusional, non-dangerous-to-her-mental-health Andrew have been together for over a month.

- coupleness
There's an intangible something that radiates from couples still conscious of their coupleness. When it's new enough for each person to be constantly aware of their special, entwined state, yet old enough for them to be entirely comfortable with it, the pair emits a kind of glow that, as I'm sure you know, is really quite tiresome.

They embody the archetypes of the indie-hater hipster : new rave hoodies, the toe-curling appropriation of grime patois, shout-outs to MySpace and skinny jeans.

- waftiest
The waftiest of wafty plants, this dainty grass invites fondling. Apart from its tactile texture and therapeutic value, it lends a light and airy accent to any scheme.

- casino-driven
Ms Jowell will announce one of several options under consideration to get her package through, but not for several weeks, probably after the May 3 local election campaign, during which Labour will make much of Tory and Lib Dem perfidy in areas which hope to get the alleged benefits of casino-driven regeneration.

- micro-herbs
The pre-starter arrived in a whisky glass, and consisted of (deep breath): beetroot puree, citrus fruits, yoghurt, milk skin, gingerbread and micro-herbs, yet somehow all of these ingredients came together to taste like an Asda strawberry cheesecake.

- early-opening
Finally, for those who need refuelling , cycle couriers love Shlurp, an early-opening deli serving porridge behind the Hidden Gem church on East Brazennose Street. There are heaters outside so you can mind your bike as you breakfast.

- toddler-targeted

Others have their eye on the toddler-targeted show In the Night Garden from the team behind Teletubbies.

- over-saturating
What they've got to be careful of is over-saturating themselves in it all. For me, the worst thing about this town is having to go to a red carpet event. I could go to four every week but I do two a year.

- cartel-building
Meanwhile, pipeline-dependent producers such as Russia and Iran will try to speed up their cartel-building aims so they can squeeze out as much advantage as they can, while they can.

- overdescribed
Flanagan's righteous indignation can't blind him to the splendour of his setting. Like every writer who tackles the subject of Sydney, he accepts his obligation to say something new about the city's overdescribed iconic landmarks.

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