Selected 2008 Neologisms

- skullcrushing
Their take on 70s hard rock tends more towards the Zeppelin end of things rather than the Sabbath: there are plenty of acoustic guitars alongside the cranked-up electrics, and even at its most skullcrushing there's a swagger and a swing a funkiness that, say, Kyuss never aspired to.

- super-handy
Honourable mention to Tokyo Art Beat ... which does a great job cataloguing events and reviews. Their super-handy "most popular" and "closing soon" pages do exactly what they say on the tin.

- re-included
A new Argos catalogue, with 18,500 products, is published tomorrow with prices of re-included products down an average of 4%.

- well-worth-it
He's the manager of gallery and creative hub Café Pause, and the author of the smashing superfuture pdf guide to Tokyo (which cost a well-worth-it $20).

- this-morning-I-had-breakfast
After hours of blogroll surfing and technorati bashing, dodging weirdo anime and hundreds of puzzlingly inane this-morning-I-had-breakfast blogs as I went, I think (and hope) we've come up with some winners.

- critic-artists
I've spent 10 years working as both critic and theatre practitioner. In that time, it's been suggested to me that the two roles are incompatible, contradictory even, and that I (alongside a small handful of other critic-artists) am parti pris, my neutrality compromised.

- ego-shaped
Beep beep! Michael Owen's little wheel-shaped legs may go a-trundlin' in the general direction of Manchester. HR FC are favourites to land the former star of the Direct Line telephone advertisements, though United are also interested. David Beckham will fill the massive ego-shaped hole thus left at Newcastle.

- interest-o-meter
With Davies floundering in his role as MC, just a few sides left in the drum and the early fixtures barely registering a flicker on the Fiver's interest-o-meter.

- never-sold
The problem with the first is that each car-boot pirate DVD (which I deplore: seriously, don't encourage those people) does not equate to a "lost" DVD sale. It's a never-sold DVD.

- mouth-fill
It's not just a matter of sinking either. Freediving is a highly technical discipline. "There are various phases to a dive," Campbell explains. "For the first ten metres, you're kicking down. Then I think about my mouth-fill, which is how you equalise the pressure, by opening and closing your oesophagus.

- widening-access
Far from there being "a stagnation in the number of pupils from low-income homes applying", the proportion of applicants from lower socioeconomic groups is increasing, and in the latest figures the positive trend continues. Is it enough? No, which is why the government so strongly supports the widening-access agenda. It is both a social and an economic imperative.

- new-folk
Seventh Tree's accompanying blurb depicts Goldfrapp and Gregory, secluded in Somerset, coming up with the notion of making a Wicker Man-influenced psychedelic folk album. This seems a bit much, given the legions of artists that have made Wicker Man-influenced psychedelic folk albums in recent years: walk into any new-folk club and you risk being deafened by the slap of twigs on Britt Ekland's bum.

- enormo-dome
U2 celebrate their alpha-plus-male status with the traditional belligerent euphoria in this 3 D concert movie; it was evidently performed at an enormo-dome in Buenos Aires, but for the first 10 or 15 minutes or so the cameras are so tight into the stage and its hi-tech backdrop that the band appear to be performing in a stadium-sized television studio.

- son-of-an-immigrant
Obama's son-of-an-immigrant story and tale of getting through education with the help of a scholarship resonate with Latinos.

- retro-rumor
This is actually a retro-rumor invented this morning ; a retro-rumor is a synthetic, anachronistic theory that, while untrue, sounds true to the type of person who could be persuaded that a new record called : Buona Serra, Meinen Herren : Andrea Bocelli Sings Kraftwerk had just arrived in stores.

- scat-jam
Teal's powerful jazz credentials are more to the fore on this album, however, notably in her light-stepping swing over a fast bass-walk on Cheek to Cheek, the Ella Fitzgerald scat-jam at the end, and the Cab Calloway hi-de-ho references in the finale of Moondance.

- intersectional
"Younger women want to speak, breathe, and live intersectional feminism the idea that social change emerges at the crossroads of race, class, gender, sexuality, ability etc. Some older women are stuck in a second-wave conception of feminism as wholly focused on gender and championing women no matter what the context or complexities."

- car-music
You wait years for a car-music spectacular and then two come along at once, rather like the Number 9 bus. No one has yet turned that into a timpani, but it can only be a matter of time.

- dance-brat
The picture's stars are 21 year-old Hollywood dance-brat Briana Evigan, who unleashes Sims's moves in the lowest-slung pants you've ever seen, and former New Adventures principal Will Kemp, who does a hilarious turn as a ballet-school headmaster with a poster of himself as Matthew Bourne's Swan in his office.

- book-influenced
Featuring books and book-influenced works by contemporary artists from Matisse to Damien Hirst, Blood on Paper: The Art of the Book is a beautiful morgue, where ranks of stylised books sit behind glass like crisp butterfly corpses pinned to velvet.

- super-mega
So, what of Europe where three "super-mega" carriers built around Air France-KLM, Lufthansa and BA may also emerge? Kroes told the French earlier this month that the EC blocked the Aer Lingus-Ryanair tie-up because it was bad for consumers but approved the AF-KLM deal because it was good for them.

- songtronica
The truth: It's not quite in the same league as Vulnerabilia, the astonishing 2002 debut album of wan songtronica by defunct Manchester duo My Computer ... but as digital melancholia goes, it's pretty good.

- puckhead
A sport fogged by deceptive euphemism. Lemieux, for example, is 'a pest', 'an agitator', nothing more hockey's excitement hides an appetite for destruction that is really rather startling. At the same time, it's actually quite thrilling. Saying that some of what happens on the ice can't be defended is not the same as pretending that its effects can be denied. Hockey is a game that derives its energies from both pluses and negatives, and so too do its fans. This moral duality (I condemn what that bloke just did there can't wait to see what kind of trouble it causes) is something every serious puckhead should wrestle with.

- re-icing
Flynn proposed re-icing the Arctic using 8,000 giant floating platforms that would draw salty water from the ocean and spray it on to winter ice, dramatically increasing its thickness. It would continue to do this in the summer, which would then melt the ice and send tonnes of salty water plunging into the Gulf Stream.

- lesbian-shaped
Total Global Nightmare Financial Apocalypse. It's all the papers are going on about apart from the Daily Mail, which has had a small lesbian-shaped bee in its bonnet recently about Cynthia Nixon and Jodie Foster respectively. For goodness' sake! It's just lesbians. Get over it!

- laugh-crazed
Lesson two: avoid heavy irony because it always rebounds. If you begin a review by saying "Anyone looking for a riotous, fun-filled, laugh-crazed extravaganza would do well to avoid the new musical version of Proust's A la recherche du temps perdu" is asking for trouble. Lesson three: don't report audience reactions.

- same-job-for-life
The welfare state, which had often served as a safety net for struggling workers, was decimated in many places. The mind-numbing assembly line, nine to five, same-job-for-life security against which so many had rebelled was abolished, only to be replaced by intense precariousness.

- cross-Midlands
Even cross-Midlands travel is difficult, making commuting to Birmingham relatively unattractive.

- nearliness
It was rather a tight fit during Andrew Murray's first match, with Henman, Andrew Castle (who was only nearly a nearly man) and the peerless John McEnroe all squeezed into a room in which there was not enough space to swing a wooden racket. But such was the fanfare surrounding Murray, who shows promise of nearliness, that no doubt only health and safety rules prevented the BBC from cramming in a fourth expert.

- people-spot
In Liverpool itself, make the pilgrimage to the Cavern Club to drink and people-spot (particularly Beatles-mad American golfers).

At the opening hole I take an air shot (that is, miss the ball entirely), chobble one along the path, duff another, play my fourth from next to the women 's tee and tank it so far out of bounds that not even a Lancastrian would bother looking for it.

- half-haemophiliac
A sickly child, a 'half-haemophiliac', he was diagnosed with a heart defect, suffered frequent infections, and spent much of his childhood in confinement, with no company beyond books, and his own thoughts.

- recessionwear
The word coined at last season's men's shows was 'recessionwear': dull suits, half-hearted presentations and a general air of caution.

- word-roots
The result is a crazy, twisting travelogue, unstoppably digressive, overgrown with tangled word-roots, charged with faith in language and the natural world, outraged at globalisation, in love with the noble savage.

- Twenties-era
Gary Edgley, menswear buyer for Selfridges Wide-leg trousers There have been a lot of wide-leg, pleat-front, Twenties-era trousers this season.

- motor-porn
11th Three days of motor-porn begins at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Damon Hill is among those who'll be heading out for a spin in a replica of his father's Indy 500 winning Lola and Lewis Hamilton will take on the famous 'hill climb' in his McLaren.

- handfiles
The Finns obtained small grinding machines with electric motors with which they patiently ground down their spikes. Peltzer asked the German officials to buy similar machines. They gave him a set of handfiles for the team.

- shockvertising
Imagine discovering a body lying on the floor with a bloodied knife protruding from a wound. And then, as you approach, perhaps already dialling 999 on your mobile in panic, the body rises and hands you a leaflet advertising a product. This is the latest in "shockvertising": the advertising industry's attempt to get the public to sit up and take notice.

- industry-accepted
The report recommended a host of measures including improving the shocking industry-accepted standard takedown time of 24 hours for the removal of child abuse. content.

"We don't want this sort of content on our site and our system is very efficient at removing it. Currently we review around half all flagged material within half an hour, and the majority within an hour. We make sure that if a video is removed copies cannot be reuploaded to the site."

It has the same sleepy-smiling, cigar-smoking, overweight and overwhelming gang boss, Saddam (Igal Naor), who swells to fill the screen.

How we wring our hands as we gorge on a Mail-full of close-ups of her messed-up face, beetle-black mushroom hair and blood-stained ballerina shoes, as Wino hangs out with dealers, dipsos and Doherty, croaks through another concert, punches a fan in the face, stacks on her high heels - all as just a prelude to her vast crack-pipe-sucking, boozing, cruising, losing Camden-based disaster streak.

Peking Youth Hostel Built around a flowerpot-filled courtyard, this hostel has a tardis-like sprawl of rooms lying behind the anonymous little front door.

He loaded the radio-controlled plane he got for his birthday with sweets. His inexperienced hand soon lost control of the aircraft and it dawned on him that it was on course to become another casualty of war. In a panic, he pressed the wrong button and inadvertently bombed or, more accurately, bon-bonned Gaza with his payload of sweets.

Rounder has a strong female roster, and though their fine New Orleans fiddler Amanda Shaw is mysteriously ignored, there's blues here from Madeleine Peyroux and the soulful Irma Thomas, along with country-bluegrass from the all-girl Uncle Earl, and folk from our own Linda Thompson.

Will tonight 's performance drain some of the Palinthusiasm from the party faithful?

The company claims to be the world leader in this this biomass-conversion technology, which has application in both next-generation biofuels and sustainable manufacture of high value chemical precursors for various polymer materials.

Pelamis has the first commercial-scale device for generating electricity from wave energy, to provide power to the grid. The device is a semi-submerged structure composed of cylindrical sections linked by hinged joints. The wave-induced motion of these joints enables hydraulic rams to pump high-pressure oil through hydraulic motors.

For the Anglocentrics take your pick. If your cup is always half-full, you will be cheered by further evidence that Australia are showing more signs of fallibility.

And thank you, Channel 4, for being kind enough to give us televisual yin and yang in the same week. After Britain's Got the Pop Factor, watching The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall made a bizarrely beautiful double-bill. I laughed, then I cried, then I craughed.

Joseph Pearce's is the latest of a number of Edinburgh café-bars run by a couple of friendly Swedish expats. From 11 am it's open for coffee and homemade cakes, before the serious drinkers take over later in the day (23 Elm Row, 0131 556 4140;

In the latest copy of Grazia magazine, there is an article about 'Fashorexics': women whose approach to the credit crunch is to skimp on food so they can still afford their designer wardrobes.

Britney also has a YouTube video channel, a social networking site, an email newsletter, and she's now on Twitter, too. Well, I guess that's Team Britney. I don't expect she's going to provide hourly updates on her hair/nails/knickers from her BlackBerry 8700, or whatever she uses now. (The Womanizer video features a naked Nokia 5800 XpressMusic touch-phone.)

In a fit of exuberant progressiveness, the school library buys the entire Booker Prize shortlist. In a fit of swottishness and teenage precocity, I read them all.

Miss Behave acts as a sort of commère. She blunders round the audience in a red PVC boob-popping dress.

I'll kick it off with Cher's Brielieve, and Kylie's Cheddar the Breville You Know.

For the first 30 or so entries, this animal-transport list was much as you'd imagine. Yak Kayak, Sheep Jeep. Nothing beyond the nearly semi-entertaining mental image of the animal somehow driving the transport.

We have hit a lot of it: little is in Baghdad; much is in the desert or on the edge of Baghdad. JP was at a briefing this morning which surveyed the wreckage. The targets are delivery systems not tanks of chemical-war material for obvious reasons.

Bash his head to hear Robert's pre-programmed set of loaded questions which you 're bound to get wrong because there is no right answer, then clasp his furry little electrode-filled paw for a shockingly vigorous handshake.

The Gillian McKeith Disgustipation Station Enjoy / endure a series of intrusive faecal examinations, colonic irrigations and ritualised humiliations in the privacy of your own home.

Great must have been the relief, therefore, of grindingly mediocre tune-molesters Boyzone, who were pictured fondling their little selves in China.

You know you've really made it as a supermegastar when someone fashions a small doll in your likeness.

If, on the other hand, no external examiner can attend, the examiners' meeting (sic) goes ahead. And as for awards-granting boards: not only am I not invited, but not welcome. The same applies to resit boards.

The Guardian's first ever Hack Day adhered to a format already proven elsewhere, starting with doughnuts and finishing with beer. In between, as is also traditional, there was an enormous amount of hacking, fiddling, greasemonkeying, hair pulling, learning, frustration, fun, laughter, pizza, chocolate, coffee and crisps.

Obamajamas: pyjamas differing from normal pyjamas I don't know how. Obamaland: a company establishing itself to flog educational publications and guides. And a t-shirt carrying the slogan Who's Yo'bama Now.

The film goes on to show Thompson railing vainly against the Nixon regime. In the background, however, we get just a glimpse of the simultaneous and rather more effective activities of those very un-Gonzo journalists, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.

The kids might have liked the Lindt Santa Claus made from 1 kg of chocolate, but at £29.99 that alone would bust my budget. Instead, I get them a deck of cards (99 p) and a National Geographic Kids magazine (£2.99. Sorry, kids, but we're going through a Credit Crunchmas.)

But without the daily barrage of a real media, covering the topics that actually matter, with the attention they deserve, the citizens are often clueless, and otherwise virtually powerless, in this wingnut-fed media world we 've allowed to be created around us.

Rather than revelling in sickening consumption in the name of a mythical hippy-like leader (who died for his own sins not ours), any self-respecting anarcho-punker should instead be following the shining example of Greek youth.

There were synthgirls (La Roux, Little Boots, thecocknbullkid, Lady GaGa, Envy, Charli XCX, GoldieLocks) and synthboys (Dan Black, Frankmusik), soul/not-soul divas (Jazmine Sullivan, Janelle Monae, VV Brown), new mashup kings (Girl Talk), and even a new Hold Steady (The War On Drugs).

Some competitors have worn two and even three suits in races to create a more streamlined body shape and guard against the stretched-tight material splitting.

It's just as easy to un-follow them if you change your mind.

The high cost of greening the buildings, the lack of wind and sun and concerns that the historic importance of the buildings could be compromised by the alterations all contributed to the decision to take more modest measures, which will include taking parliament partly off-grid with a biomass power station in the cellar and a borehole to supply fresh water to avoid the need for carbon-thirsty bottled water.

She can't quite afford to go to the places the yummy mummies do, but she exists in the same social sphere: consequently, the lynchpin of many a column or slummy-novel plot twist is how sworn-frenemy Joanna is boasting of a new holiday/car/designer dress that's just out of poor slummy's reach.

The same false comparison between domestic and uber-domestic occurs in the depiction of class - the slummy mummy's unspoken but obsessive preoccupation.

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