Selected 2009 Neologisms

- home-college
Her role as the home-college link worker at Henry Cort community college in Hampshire is designed to give parents a sense of entitlement to know about what is going on in their child's schooling, and the chance to contribute their views.

- half-stops
Then a crunched off drive that Anderson half-stops but it still goes for four.

- frond-roofed
Daniel and Diego live on the muddy fringe of the farm in a hastily erected collection of palm frond-roofed huts to shield them and a hundred-odd other families from regular tropical downpours.

- eco-commercial
The business is branching out into eco-commercial buildings such as a new admin centre near Delhi in India, which will take much of its power and air-conditioning from a huge array of solar panels on its roof.

- superhero-talking
All of this is based on the assumption that CBT works - that it is the superhero-talking cure to psychoanalysis's tinkering janitor.

- thread-laced
Thus the stained book that contains the specimen of facial hair has corners that curl inward like dried lemon rind and a spine with fraying linen tendons, exposing the thread-laced signatures like rows of rope-bound bones Ryback has described a cadaver.

- school-flavoured
If you normally take the opportunity to lazily slide into an old tracksuit when a bank holiday rolls around and indulge in some old school-flavoured lounging about, then why not pledge to do something a little more vigorous this time and take your shell-suited self to Tayo's Tracksuit Party?

- draft-n
Chrome OS is optimised for the latest, draft-n version of Wi-Fi so it's assumed users can get that from their couch, or at work.

- snapping-eyed
Clive Francis's finely judged crusty hypochondriac isn't a scouser, but Leanne Best, niece of the Beatles' first drummer Pete, gives us the accent as a vivid, snapping-eyed maid.

- accomdations
Senate President Bob Burns, a Republican, said yesterday that the Republican party needs the space for caucuses and party meetings, and he will not find other accomdations elsewhere in the building or in the Old State Capitol building next door, the Arizona Daily Star reported.

- secretly-owned
The firm's multimillion-pound cash flows through secretly-owned entities in the British Virgin Islands and the Channel Islands were used to make secret payments to foreign middlemen and politicians.

- dump-medium
I hate to point this out, but your comment on the dump-medium chosen by RH's ex begs the question on what Smoothie Smyth's chosen method of heartbreak is says Marlon Cameron.

- improv-fusion
Sharkey (who also plays with Acoustic Ladyland saxophonist Pete Wareham in the Final Terror) is at the cutting-edge of contemporary improv-fusion guitar technique, colliding headlong free-jazz phrasing with roaring thrash metal riffs and ghostly electronics.

- farm-turned-winery
There are a few grand names such as La Motte - a charming old farm-turned-winery, worth a visit for the wine tastings (their shiraz stands out).

- spot-kicking
In the context of the result, his comeback could be called inconsequential, but there was a deeper resonance to his spot-kicking, his meaty tackling and the demonic intent he carried on to a field which England no longer dominate as they did in this century's opening years.

- child-turning-on-the-charm
This should be your best child-turning-on-the-charm voice.

- pub-cum-venue
Since then, they've hosted some memorable shows at this handsomely converted pub-cum-venue situated three miles south of the city centre, with tonight's headliners being the eight-piece, LA phenomenon known as Breakestra.

- deal-clutching
Present are cult folk collective Woodpigeon and dark, satirical, former 1m record deal-clutching wordsmith Murray Lachlan Young, fellow poet Aoife Mannix and accordionist Janie Armour.

- all-but-completely
It all-but-completely removes the loading times, which is important if you're fitting your missions into a short commute.

- desk-puppy
And I pretended to smile, because I really wanted him to give me the keys NOW NOW NOW, rather than offering him outside for his impudence, the floppy desk-puppy, but I suppose he had a point.

- anti-Liechtenstein
Apparently the Dutch PM berated Hillary in a corridor last night, and Gibbs says my administration is being accused of a blatantly anti-Liechtenstein foreign policy.

- get-around-town-mobile
Just as the mark of a good football referee is that you don't notice him, there is argument that what's required from a reliable get-around-town-mobile is that it doesn't bring attention to itself.

- techno-producer
In fact, we interrupt this fab parlour game to tell you that, when singer Baker and tech whiz Little were part of a techno-producer duo called Lil Devious, they sampled Japan's Adolescent Sex, prompting Karn to get in touch and invite them to remix his track The Jump - a Karn / BTN team-up is now on the cards.

- loo-books
You read the most incredibly sour attacks, on one style of parenting by another, in magazines and little loo-books that always used to be anodyne.

- sultry-sleek
Over in the States, some design sites scour Craigslist for icon bargains, sourcing cheap Le Corbusier sofas and sultry-sleek Barcelona chairs.

- courtroom-prison
The Associated Press was the first to disclose that the Obama administration is considering a combined courtroom-prison complex, saying it was regarded as the best among a series of bad options.

- town-cum-ghetto
Later this summer we'll witness the Soweto-like depredations inflicted upon reluctantly Earthbound aliens whose clapped-out spaceship has stalled in the sky above Johannesburg, South Africa, and who've been corralled into a dismal alien shanty town-cum-ghetto in the Peter Jackson-produced sci-fi thriller District 9.

- obsessive-natured
I mean I can't be that obsessive-natured, where I become self-destructive at times, with a kind of view of meeting expectations at all costs.

- modern-dance-makers
You can count on one hand the number of modern-dance-makers who have changed the landscape - and Pina Bausch was one of them.

- apple-bananas
We wanted to breakfast on just-picked mangoes, guavas and apple-bananas (little, stumpy bananas).

- property-dog
This is all very well, and the satisfying graphic of a demolition ball swiftly assuaged any guilt, whilst cementing my position as the top property-dog in Lancashire.

- mutualists
The sixth mass coextinction : Are most endangered species parasites and mutualists ?

- newly-merry
It gets even more complicated when one of his petitioners asks Pincus to stop his wife remarrying, leading to Pincus himself falling in love with the newly-merry widow.

- eyes-in-the-back-of-the-head
So, are the eyes-in-the-back-of-the-head skills of the classroom teacher just the springboard for life as a spy?

- stick-fetchers
Since Domenech also insists on clogging central midfield with two stick-fetchers, as Sir Alf Ramsey might have described Jeremy Toulalan and Aliou Diarra, France, like Giovanni Trapattoni's Ireland, usually only have four devout attackers on the pitch.

- charity-single
Which means two things : a) the definition of rebel has been rewritten to mean mediocre music proffered by personality voids and b) it's charity-single time.

- old-industry
What we get instead is a solid account of smart, nimble upstarts slaying old-industry behemoths and of flawed creative geniuses creating and destroying fortunes.

- pre-grey
Iain Aitch Tapping into the growth in the new breed of crafty types, pre-grey haired knitting addicts and arty printmakers, this modern craft fair is the perfect place to discover new talent and pick up some homemade bargains.

- bored-seeming
Turning up the collar of its suede Harrington jacket in the bus stop shelter, taking another swig of warm backwash-Martini, and trying really hard to impress some bored-seeming girls who want to go home, the Mill always knew it was different from the others.

- mid-exposition
I was in mid-exposition at this point, up to my elbows in the washing up, when my wife silenced me with one of her special stares.

- banker-class
Patrick Glenn Celtic's priority was simply to secure the victory that would keep them level on points with Rangers at the top of the Scottish Premier League, but extending their goal difference so extravagantly in the process was a banker-class bonus.

- mom's-eye
For those unable to stomach Sarah Palin's forthcoming mom's-eye view of high-stakes national politics Going Rogue, small US publisher OR Books has announced that it will bring out Going Rouge, an alternative view of the former Republican vice-presidential candidate, on the same day.

- guitar-fast
John Fordham Even in a jazz world rammed with guitar-fast double-bassists, McBride is exceptional - his sound is crystal-clear throughout the range, his lines springy and light.

- gold-ended
His gold-ended bag would not look wrong on Paris Hilton's shoulder.

- cheese'n'pineapple
Some of the jokes, it must be said, are as whiskery as Arthur Lowe (who also stars), but several episodes are gems of TV farce, as evocative of 1970s Britain as cheese'n'pineapple canapes.

- amphibian-inspired
According to Roland Boeuf, the 70-year-old president of the Confrererie de Taste-Cuisses de Grenouilles de Vittel, or (roughly) the Vittel Brotherhood of Frog Thigh Tasters, which has organised the event since its inception, the fair regularly draws upwards of 20,000 gourmet frog aficionados to the town for two days of amphibian-inspired jollities.

- unrooting
Maar survives her unrooting and her goring by the grappling bull Picasso, learns to delight in the vibrant colours he has given her, and is finally able to separate herself from the distorting vision that so cruelly exposed her pain Picasso's art is Picasso's art.

- bee-throbbing
You stand in a sun-dappled, bee-throbbing English churchyard, reading the graves.

- seriouser
106 mins Earnest, over-reverential biopic of the kung fu master who taught Bruce Lee - a mix of serious history and seriouser ass-whupping

- eco-touchy-feely
After the extremes of hype and backlash attending Cameron's solemn unveiling of a taster-trailer earlier this year, the film itself emerges as a watchable and entertaining if uncompromisingly ridiculous sci-fi spectacular, unable to decide if it wants to kick the ass of every alien in sight or get all eco-touchy-feely with them.

- non-humanists
Working with Dr James Hemming, his fellow humanist, who died in 2007 aged 98, Blackham ensured that the humanist voice was a feature of debates over moral values throughout the second half of the 20th century, and always sought to work with non-humanists to find solutions.

- cloud-scuffed
Dog-walkers stride over the wind-dried sand, light bounces off water beneath a cloud-scuffed sky and, although it's August, parts of the beach are deserted.

- basin-faced
It's hard not to see it as a sedate university-days version of the boisterous schooldays sitcom, not least because the two shows share an actor in basin-faced James Buckley.

- soup-stick
Don't worry it doesn't have to be a big flash one but could be an electric whisk, one of those little soup-stick things or even one of the old fashioned cog-driven ones.

- endurance-testingly
While Boyle's hit is a ballet of intoxicating motion, Hungarian director Béla Tarr's The Man From London (2007, 12, Artificial Eye 15.65) is endurance-testingly slow, with ponderously beautiful tracking shots conjuring a metaphysical netherworld in which greed and desire sparkle in the near Stygian gloom.

- rebate-on-the-rebate
At the time Mrs T conceded an increase in EU VAT receipts (from 1 % of the total to 1.4 and Tony Blair conceded a 20% rebate-on-the-rebate to block another French deadlock in 2005.

- dis-invested
But the presenter who dis-invested in the Corporation at just the wrong time now gets the chance to lift his own broadcasting stock with Jeff Randall Live (Sky News), a new business show on Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30 pm.

- planet-critical
Once the Con Air star had done The Light Box, the pair apparently talked about the future of creativity across the world a discussion which was arguably planet-critical.

- collection-less
In this context, I think that the collection-less Turner Contemporary, for all that I wish it well, is going to have to tread carefully.

- wind-lean
Now you read me like the moon moving hole at the end of a long night chimney And I see you wind-lean, ranged, Pendle-tree and broomstick No chance that you would go unsung for who else rode my mind, hag-light seasoned and yet so welcome

- glam-kissed
Alongside Vince's morally nauseating agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), their progress has taken them from the intoxicating heights of glam-kissed fame to the brink of catastrophe.

- recession-dampened
Tate Modern has opted for the austere work of Polish artist Miroslaw Balka for its major Turbine Hall commission, avoiding the funfair-like installations of recent years in these recession-dampened times.

- industrial-food
My wife and I would love to do better than Whole Foods - to buy most of our food from local farmers, and to leave the industrial-food system altogether.

- auto-braking
This combined with auto-braking makes the game incredibly accessible for amateurs.

- ex-Tomorrow's
I'd practically forgotten this ex-Tomorrow's World presenter and science correspondent ever existed, but seeing him again brought memories flooding back.

- movie-cum-chronicle
Brendan Canty, Christoph Green Fine road movie-cum-chronicle of Wilco's 2008 US tour, the glossy live footage broken up by suitably gnomic band interviews, plus moody footage of wide open spaces and knackered Americana.

- razor-handed
After all, if you were an evil, razor-handed, rape-produced child murderer from beyond the grave with extensive burns to your face and torso, it's unlikely that you'd have the sunny disposition to keep on making waggly-eyebrowed wisecracks about everything.

- quadruple-Grammy-nominated
The doughty purveyor of worthy but slightly dull conscious rap, the wild psychedelic innovator of 2002's artistically triumphant but commercially disastrous Electric Circus, and the new model Lonnie Rashid Lynn born of the happy union with fellow Windy City wordsmith Kanye West on 2005's quadruple-Grammy-nominated Be.

- liberty-celebration
So the paradox is that it is widely agreed that we need a day of British-liberty-celebration, and yet we are all embarrassed by the version of liberty-celebration in the folk festival that does exist.

- monster-wave
This accessible, indie-spirited documentary presents the intriguing case of obscure Irish-Hawaiian surf pioneer George Freeth, then returns to the motherland for some monster-wave action.

- non-ex-pat
I live in Italy so I may be out of touch, but my impression is that even you non-ex-pat Brits are eating dinner a lot later than the (in retrospect) surreal 5.45 pm timeslot of my Bristolian youth.

- spandex-driven
Devlin's unique brand of spandex-driven sleight of hand has to be seen to be believed.

- chirpy-off-set
Here's to you, you chirpy-off-set little Cockney sparrer

- studio-factory-home
While Pride cutlery is still manufactured in Mellor's superb studio-factory-home at Hathersage, in the Derbyshire Peak District, it has been complemented by other ranges redolent of other values: Provençal (1973) and Chinese Ivory (1975) are characteristic of their decade (the acetal resin handles of the latter speak volumes about the spirit of the age), but in the 1980s, Mellor's cutlery design returned to a more characteristic, voluptuous simplicity.

- poverty-affected
If you had told a local grape grower 20 years ago that a wine from this wild, isolated, poverty-affected corner of Spain would fetch such a sum in 2009, he would have died of shock, or possibly laughter.

- round-specced
Our instructor, Caroline Jupp, faced with whupping a gaggle of architecture students, round-specced design junkies and a recalcitrant Corb-loather (me) into shape, has a whistle and a bunch of colourful flags, which she asks us to hold above our heads while marching on the spot

- milk-fattened
We went on gastronomic trips round Italy, feeding each other scorpion fish in Brescia and milk-fattened veal in Piedmont.

- eyebrowlessness
At a time when advertising is suffering, is eyebrowlessness just a more extreme way for a brand to sell its products?

- gastro-crisps
Clever pubs offer gastro-crisps which are cooked in goose fat and actually have a higher profit margin than the meal itself.

- classic-tasting
As strangely exotic as the ingredient list might seem, it all pulls together to make for a wonderfully fragrant and surprisingly classic-tasting Christmas ham.

- remutualisating
The government is being lobbied by the Building Societies Association, politicians and academics to consider remutualisating Northern Rock as an alternative to a private sale or stock market flotation once the bank is strong enough to survive without state support.

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