Selected 2010 Neologisms

- anti-ageing-cream
It actually benefits models now, she suggests, to inflate their ages a bit, especially when pitching for anti-ageing-cream jobs.

- skagging
My colleague John Ashdown has helpfully come up with several definitions of what on earth being skagged is, not to be confused with skagging or the intriguing skagget.

- not-very-ordinary
A not-very-ordinary boy at all, as it turns out.

- skin-rebuilding
Combat visible lines around the eye area with this powerful firming complex of skin-rebuilding antioxidant vitamins, protective silicones and red seaweed extract.

- harmony-saturated
After a surprisingly messy and punchy rendition of Southern Point things mellow with the langorous, harmony-saturated Cheerleader.

- gusset-waggling
The Daily Mail, predictably, reacted to this pageant of pre-watershed gusset-waggling with paroxysms of moral hand-wringing, conveniently illustrated with pictures of waxed, half-naked 20-year-olds.

- finger-waggy
It sounds as if you have tried to talk to him about drugs but in a rather accusatory, finger-waggy way.

- post-Dutch
Not only because of constraints such as the fact that most of the names previously mentioned are tied to millionaire contracts or the lack of time to appoint a successor to Dunga, since Brazil will play their first post-Dutch debacle friendly on 10 August, against the USA in New Jersey.

- time-and-phrasing
James has the smoother, more stately delivery, with Kerr pushing the time-and-phrasing envelope more - but the contrast between them enhances what's fundamentally a down-the-line mainstream-to-bop set, and though their harmonies occasionally have a faintly dated, Swingle Singers cosiness, the pair's skills and obvious enthusiasm for the venture and each other radiates warmth.

- poet-pics
You'd be entitled to ask for your money back if you didn't hear a bit of poetry in poet-pics such as Bright Star or the forth coming Howl (and if Allen Ginsberg looked anything like James Franco, who plays him, I'll eat my Pocket Poets edition, which I only bought because it featured as a gag in the werewolf movie The Howling).

- politics-related
So politicised is Venezuela that half of the top 10 Twitter accounts are news or politics-related.

- scale-friendly
In the 1960s, the ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey developed a new, western scale-friendly version of the kalimba, which was mass-produced and sold in American toy shops.

- makeup-dusted
Highlights include Karla Black's vulnerable, makeup-dusted sculpture, Spartacus Chetwynd's handmade animal costumes and Barry Reigate's riotous pop art collage, Real Special Very Painting.

- split-microsecond
Bursts of speed, nutmegs, split-microsecond changes of direction, hip shaking that would earn him an 11 from Craig on Strictly Come Dancing, a 50-50 challenge that makes Roy Keane look like Rodney Marsh, and an unerring lash into the bottom corner : this was immense.

- mis-copied
But the defectors mis-copied the formula.

- mirror-lights
Oddly, though, I feel I'm seeing her more naked than ever: half-covered in wrap and towel, but with hairnet turning her bald, just beginning her make-up before harsh little mirror-lights, pale and vulnerable and 53.

- three-steps-sideways
Even though it's still a one-step-forwards / two-steps-back / three-steps-sideways journey there's a momentum in play.

- neoconned
New Labourites weren't the only politicians to be neoconned or to be vulgarly infatuated with US power and wealth - the present education minister was among the busiest retailers of neocon fables.

- anti-Watkins
This anti-Watkins campaign was intended to galvanise the white Sun vote against him.

- shogunate's
Only the highest Dutch officials are permitted to cross the bridge to the mainland ; the Japanese authorities closely monitor their subjects' interactions with the Europeans, and under the shogunate's policy of seclusion, it's a capital crime for any Japanese person to leave the country.

- not-quite-legal
Exploiting the new climate of deregulation, Doug employs various not-quite-legal methods, including creating a holding company whose sole purpose is to facilitate lending across the house from the company's commercial to its investment arm.

- thread-vein
After a stunningly good lunch of przysmak soltysa at Chata, the first restaurant to cater to Northampton's large Polish community, I walked past the facial tuck clinics and thread-vein treatment centres.

- soul-grooving
Amsterdam, with Kühn and the majestic French bassist JF Jenny-Clarke, is a highlight, as are two tracks for a quintet featuring Whitehead, and the almost 25-minute live set Cozy'n'Rozy, featuring McGregor and a soul-grooving Pine.

- cow-bison
A relatively recent new food animal, the beefalo a cow-bison (buffalo) hybrid, combines the superior hardiness, foraging ability, calving ease and low-fat meat of the bison with the fertility, milking ability and ease of handling of the cow.

- publicity-fed
This is not what Sony or the publicity-fed sycophants who blog about awards season expected.

- medal-ride-offs
Even so, their 43.802 was briefly the fastest time and guaranteed them a place in one of the medal-ride-offs, with only the French and German teams still to ride.

- balloon-puncturing
Canada is a balloon-puncturing country.

- long'd
And now Childe Harold was sore sick at heart And from his fellow bacchanals would flee Tis said, at times the sullen tear would start But Pride congeal'd the drop within his e'e Apart he stalk'd in joyless reverie And from his native land resolved to go And visit scorching climes beyond the sea With pleasure drugg'd he almost long'd for woe And e'en for change of scene would seek the shades below

- infocapitalist
Coulson is not just good at his job, he has the advantage of having an extensive network inside NI, Britain's most powerful infocapitalist.

- pre-evolutionary
Called Ichthyosaurus, these fossil creatures seemed to have been cobbled together out of equal parts fish and crocodile, and even during this era of pre-evolutionary palaeontology, de la Beche and Conybeare could not help but place Ichthyosaurus in what they believed to be a graded series of forms between fish, the newly discovered Plesiosaurus, and crocodiles.

- sightseer-jammed
None of the romance was dimmed by the 21st century's inevitable contribution - a far brighter river of car headlights on the sightseer-jammed B6318, the old military road that flanks the frontier.

- cello-collaborator
Tonight in Cheltenham, comic and free-improv fan Stewart Lee curates an eclectic Parker-centred show, including John Zorn cello-collaborator Okkyung Lee and New York trumpeter Peter Evans.

- pre-prog
Laden with sitars, backwards guitars and lyrics about resting your head on a rainbow and wiping a flower from your eye, SF Sorrow is very much of the pre-prog 60s, which probably accounts for the differing fortunes of the two albums.

- ever-hapless
He's just waltzed past Matthew Upson and popped the ball past the ever-hapless Robert Green, to put Stoke 1-0 up at Upton Park with 21 minutes to play.

- wimper-ish
It was a bit of a wimper-ish way to go down.

- cable-drama-by-numbers
The show might be a bit of a bawdy cable-drama-by-numbers, but the titles have a swaggering brilliance.

- shot-laden
Small, cheeky, popular and multi-skilled, he would drink all night without getting drunk then wipe sleep from his eyes to make a shot-laden century.

- carnage-harrowed
Ricketts's approach successfully shows that the poetry of the war did not simply emerge from the carnage-harrowed minds of individual poets, but through mutual encouragement and rivalry.

- television-buying
A flurry of pre-World-Cup television-buying failed to boost overall high street sales this month and there are warnings that retailers will face more harsh times ahead as George Osborne's tough budget dampens consumer spending.

- sextastically
Whenever Gudrun Ensslin, in The Baader-Meinhof Complex, starts a sentence with 'We know that Mao said' you know that her rapt audience of ex-mental patients and disaffected students will hang on her every idiotic word (perhaps because she's played by the sextastically dead-eyed Johanna Wokalek).

- internet-paranoid-conspiracy
I find that kneejerk, internet-paranoid-conspiracy thing a bit annoying, so I suppose my devil's advocate side wants to poke them in the eye a bit.

- khaki-skirted
Women with identical black bobs and khaki-skirted uniforms carried machine guns; sailors marched in blazingly white jackets.

- dragon-tattooed
A prominent official and two of the magazine's researchers working on a sex-trafficking story, are found dead and the finger of suspicion points to Mikael's old ally Lisbeth (Noomi Rapace), the dragon-tattooed badass babe who is quite clearly being fitted up.

- un-soporific
This month's opening section looks at movies and documentaries about scientists, mixing classics like Frankenstein with obscurities like Truffaut's L'Enfant Sauvage, Topol as Galileo and The Great Moment, Preston Sturges's un-soporific story of the Boston dentist who discovered anaesthetic.

- points-spending
One criticism I've heard a few times of Fallout 3 was from FPS fans that did n't like the VATS system, which essentially reduced the skill of shooting into a more RPG-like, points-spending affair.

- non-end
It's a clever postmodern non-end in which things just kind of go on.

- non-climate
I fear he is referring the to 40 individuals - many retired non-climate scientists - who put in sceptical written evidence.

- half-alludes
Spookily, the title of the series even half-alludes to its topical appeal: pronounce it Downturn Abbey.

- biodiversity-themed
From biodiversity-themed plays and workshops to living buildings and riverbed cleanups, here is our top 10.

- demographically-weighted
But now, the latest of these polls from Pink News (which has its own demographically-weighted voter panel) is showing a 30-point collapse in Tory support over the last 10 months.

- microphone-wagglers
He carried it off very well, remaining reassuringly bulbous and bruiser-like in his swivel chair, a central pin around which ITV's rag-tag band of pundits and microphone-wagglers were effectively skewered together: pre-ceremony we got a glimpse of the excellent Jim Rosenthal, anaesthetised with jaw-clenching excitement and flanked by the left-field selection François Pienaar.

- ever-scarier
Like newspapers peddling ever-scarier headlines, it is having to work harder to justify its existence.

- nothingness's
If evil is the pursuit of nothingness for nothingness's sake, then, he argues, it is not often found so is not something we should lose too much sleep over.

- style-expert
As it turns out, Cameron's daring has been admired, even by the notoriously exacting style-expert, Stephen Bayley.

- chimneytops
The BBC producer Don Haworth made Fred Dibnah: Steeplejack, which showed him demolishing chimneys with aplomb, climbing up ladders and swinging himself on to small wood platforms across chimneytops with ease.

- twice-Nobel
His early schooling at the Downs Quaker preparatory school, Colwall, Worcestershire, overlapped with the future twice-Nobel laureate Fred Sanger.

- spotlight-stealing
Landon Donovan America's best player was said to be so disgruntled by David Beckham's spotlight-stealing arrival in the US league in 2007 that he contributed to a grubby tell-all book about his LA Galaxy teammate.

- gilt-handled
One such success was a gilt-handled feather duster with mink tails.

- sub-Love-Story
It isn't even the sub-Love-Story gender stereotypes: a woman falling for a man with Parkinson's would of course be unthinkable.

- battercake
A vanilla sponge with a hint of rosewater; a shallow almond torte with domes of apricot peeking through the crust; a blueberry battercake or perhaps a Swiss roll with a filling of cream rippled with crushed raspberries.

- pro-style
He's more of a pro-style fighter, trying to hurt his man rather than cuff a point here and there.

- turkey-strangling
It is turkey-strangling time at the Grundys' and Ed and Wilyum are at each other's throats amid the disconsolate warbling of the doomed birds and the fog of feathers.

- unslushy
A beautiful, smooth-toned but unslushy performance of George Butterworth's The Banks of Green Willow proved this ; a spirited, superbly paced rendition of Bernstein's Symphonic Dances from West Side Story underlined it.

- mega-economies
All this is not to ignore the structural problems in both of these mega-economies, or the world economy as a whole.

- essay-fictions
Robinson in Ruins is the third of Keiller's feature-length essay-fictions to deposit his eccentric protagonist among the relics of millennial England, where he functions once more as the comically half-deluded conduit for the director's own brand of visionary scholarship.

- rag-strewn
There are many doors, and behind each one is a tiny room with a barred window, and just enough space for a rag-strewn double bed where the girls take their customers.

- chortleworthy
Your Chamberlain quip was chortleworthy and indeed valid and all that - but last week's unconditional collapse compounded with this first half's pittance of a performance has me comparing Lyon more with the Romans, i.e. hundreds of miles away from even reaching Munich.

- horse-boy
He was little better than a pet horse-boy at Blackfriars an old showman and hawker of plays an out-and-out stupid, illiterate, third-rate play actor

- reader-provided
The demonstrations are interesting enough, though if you want to go and see HTML5 examples, then we'll pass on the (reader-provided) suggestion of HTML5 Watch, which links to examples of work that don't bully you into downloading particular browsers: a post by the Art of Web works fine with its demonstrations of transitions in Chrome, for example.

- mini-mandate
He pondered his electoral mini-mandate.

- work-best
Making its way through the dust-caked metropolitan boulevards of London's unfashionable back bit of Kings Cross, dressed in its work-best outfit of shrunken jumble sale Gola tracksuit bottoms, midriff-baring vintage My Little Pony hoodie and partially functional platform Heelies, the Fiver finds itself all too often greeted by men in shiny cars eager for the Fiver to accompany them back to an executive suite at the Stanmore Regency and call them uncle while doing the floor-sweeper to the music of Jedward.

- cycle-launching
Looking around me at this point during the London Philharmonic's season-opening, Mahler cycle-launching performance under Vladimir Jurowski, I noticed almost everyone was wearing the same expression : open-mouthed but with fully alert, searching eyes.

- conscribed
Some aspects of writers' characters: Milan Kundera, glamorous annoyance; Jim Thompson, weirdo; O Henry, relic of a less conscribed literary culture.

- adman-turned-film
I was disappointed that the humiliating tennis game in Money (BBC2, Sunday), between lardy British adman-turned-film director John Self and his toned and tanned American agent Fielding Goodney, wasn't overlooked by glassed-in balconies, with New York's middle management staring on, their faces as thin as credit cards.

- gastro-hamlet
In a move which the cynics are already comparing to Rick Stein's panjandrum control of Padstow, Blumenthal has bought a second pub in the gastro-hamlet of Bray.

- experimental-fiction
They were often very funny, and not just in the usual experimental-fiction way.

- castle-hungry
The film does in fact have a white, blonde bona fide princess - our heroine's childhood pal - but she's a castle-hungry ditz; dim best friend material, not leading lady stuff.

- lady-nose
A too-delicate lady-nose perches incongruously in the midst of his butch, chunkily cheekboned face.

- character-growth
It has a compelling sweep, and, for a relatively short feature, an expansive, ambitious sense of character-growth.

- post-sunbathing
I know why he likes me in colour - it's because I only ever wear it post-sunbathing, when I'm probably at my happiest and most easy-going.

- so-far-undiscovered
However based on the fact that new species - like recent discoveries - are likely to be found in biodiversity hotspots where there are huge numbers of endemic species which are not widely distributed around the world, and a high level of habitat loss, they estimated that all so-far-undiscovered flowering plants were also at risk.

- come-out-of-nowhere
For an unknown, come-out-of-nowhere label it has serious clout: this time, Natalia V and a clutch of top girls on the runway, Naomi Campbell front row.

- wracked-sounding
Yoko Ono's Listen Snow Is Falling; a surprisingly wracked-sounding version of the Rutles' Cheese and Onions.

- intellect-wise
My guess is that, since he's spent so much of his life meeting people who aren't as clever as him, the aliens are - intellect-wise - his last-chance saloon.

- time-tests
Left for weeks during time-tests, residing in stoppered bottles on the wooden counters of Gettler's lab, blood solutions tainted by carbon monoxide glowed like the crimson hourglasses on a black widow spider, like warning lights signalling danger to those who got too close.

- semi-fastened
You didn't see her slippers, the Velcro-ed maroon velvet flaps semi-fastened over toes curled by 12 years of Parkinson's disease.

- motive-obscuring
Instead of smashing Millbank windows and dropping fire extinguishers on police below, the latest student protests against university fee rises has had a more civilised and less motive-obscuring vibe, typified by the trio you see above.

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