Selected 2011 Neologisms

- stopper-warrior
His talent for wrapping the whole England narrative around his neck is undeniable, and Capello seems powerless to stop it, chiefly because he has bought into the idea of the English stopper-warrior.

- arty-fashion
This season there are also various arty-fashion hook ups of note: Cindy Sherman appearing in a campaign for MAC cosmetics, Nan Goldin shooting for Jimmy Choo, Acne teaming up with artist Daniel Silver to create a range of clothes.

- pre-degree-level
The UKBA's intended target are private pre-degree-level colleges that have lower entry requirements and less independent scrutiny of language skills.

- pissedness
On our way one Saturday evening, we passed two blokes heading for the stairs in that particular state of total, glassy-faced, marinated pissedness you get only from drinking steadily all afternoon.

- financially-muscled
Chelsea are also sniffing around Udinese's 35m-rated Alexis Sanchez, having held preliminary talks with the player's representatives last week, though Manchester City are ready to provide financially-muscled competition.

- ditch-challenge
City were never likely to fade entirely, though, and a last ditch-challenge from Gareth McAuley foiled AgŁero in the 65th minute when he seemed set to score.

- freaky-squeaky
Enter Melesha O Garro aka Lady Leshurr, a 23-year-old Midlander armed with a freaky-squeaky voice and an arsenal of metaphors she tends to fire at listeners like the spawn of Missy Elliot and Minnie Mouse wielding a cartoon gun.

- dual-degree
In 2010, we created a dual-degree in Journalism and Computer Science with the The Fu Foundation School of Engineering.

- proof-marked
Though there was much more to him than this bitter nihilism suggests - he was always funny, for example - it is true that his accounts of our ruined world grew ever more fugitive and vestigial, book by book, until the last poem in each volume often all but disappeared from the page, worn out like a faded fax, or slumped to its foot in a shrunken font, or was parenthesised, or even proof-marked to be deleted.

- expedition-quality
I have been a Traction Man admirer ever since he arrived on the picture book scene, and in Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey by Mini Grey (Cape 10.99), here he is in summer mode, looking jazzy and packing the essentials (including Great Scott expedition-quality mint cake for his hols).

- high-keys
A contrastingly jumpy theme of racing percussion and organ chords broken by dead halts was followed by a whistling, high-keys melody, a spooky, shivering synth drone against ominous low percussion, and an evocatively hymnal and richly orchestral passage that became a vehicle for the gleaming trumpet lines of Mathias Eick.

- bird-flinging
But for a burgeoning stratum of app developers, there's no sense in the old school model of producing long-form Triple A titles for the retail market - not while a bird-flinging game created by a team of Finnish students can do 100m downloads and get them over 40m in VC funding.

- log-handled
Ned Ludd wears its philosophy on its plaid-shirted sleeve: a quick glance at the restaurant's many rustic design details - piles of logs for the wood-fired oven, copper pots, pottery chickens, hessian food sacks stitched together to form a curtain, log-handled beer pumps, the odd axe lying around - lets you know right away you're in for something homely, farm-centric and fresh.

- neocreationists
A key concern of American neocreationists is to 'Teach the controversy'.

- cheested
So now, as well as cult vocabulary such as' Moloko' for milk, fans also have phrases like cheested up for getting clean, or Zemolchy, which is an exclaimation of delight or wonder.

- knicker-flash
Originally a stand-alone solo, this dance is a cornerstone Rosas work, and devotees parse every choreographed glance, hair touch and - very much a De Keersmaeker trope this - unsmiling knicker-flash.

- antiquity-minded
The object I liked best was a match safe a decorative matchbox inscribed with the letters BILST / UM / PSHI / SM / ARK, which appear on a stone in The Pickwick Papers to confuse and excite an antiquity-minded Mr Pickwick, though they turn out to have been written by an illiterate.

- sex-reality
Only a tiny minority of men and boys are unable to tell the difference between the cues of the sex-fantasy lexicon, and those of the sex-reality lexicon.

- binarisation
It is the increasing binarisation of society that computerisation has produced: Yes / No, Like / Don't Like, Left / Right, Democrat / Republican, Accept Friend / Not Now, Atheist / Religious.

- wheelchair-skills
Then one afternoon I went along to a wheelchair-skills session at Stoke Mandeville hospital, organised by a charity called The Back Up Trust.

- offisie
Poles in Britain talk about being klinerzy w offisie (office cleaners) or bilderzy (builders), but such transliterations have so far proved too alien to survive long on Polish soil.

- tribally-divided
The high court case this week will complicate life in tribally-divided Kenya, too.

- loyalist-originated
Of course for the residents of the Short Strand, who were the main victims of the loyalist-originated violence, the assaults on their homes were terrifying and traumatic.

- glass-ceiling-smashing
At some point over the past decade, the aesthetic of the 50s office has overlaid that of the glass-ceiling-smashing 80s as our touchstone for office chic.

- prog-grind
In the circumstances, the fact that a few hundred heads nod in time to the maddeningly complex intro to Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies, or the overdriven Bond-theme prog-grind of That Golden Rule is an actual cause for celebration.

- science-fiction-thriller
Before Stuxnet the possibility to attack a control system using cyber was explored theoretically but was more seen as in the realm of cinema and creative science-fiction-thriller writing.

- habit-engendering
Internet wagering is - or has the potential to be - the most concentrated, most habit-engendering gambling environment known to humankind.

- ex-compadres
Presenter Anne McElvoy, who was at Oxford with Gove, Cameron, Vaizey et al, interviewed her ex-compadres about Thatcher, the miners' strike and music.

- sewage-management
As expected, however, the Mexican authorities were incensed by the implied criticism of their sewage-management capabilities.

- conveniently-sited
We would all like a nice playing field in our village, just as we would all like a good rail service to the nearest town, a conveniently-sited post office and so forth.

- bird-houses
They were all on the way south for the season he said sadly so don't take out the bird-houses or build bird cafeterias in the trees.

- uncankered
Because country music is a joy and keeps the last uncankered corner of my soul alive.

- nightevent
He said officers were aware of there had been a large number of people in attendance inside the club and that police were working with the club, the organisers of the nightevent, local authorities and the emergency services to piece together exactly what had happened as part of their investigation into the incident

- freedom-yearning
Asked during an appearance on CBS if there had been an intelligence failure or a misunderstanding, he pointed to a failure to realize that a sophisticated, educated, freedom-yearning people, sooner or later, were going to demand their rights.

- modishess
There's something about Rossini he said after the final rehearsal that gives you a sense of the ideal Italian character type - his measured elegance, his modishess, his exhibitionism though of course nowadays most of these qualities are on display in the work of clothes designers, not musicians.

- slender-leg
And yes, Simons does wide-leg trousers, but he also does the best fitting slender-leg suit trousers I have ever seen on a catwalk.

- buttock-numbingly
This version of Top Gear will never be as buttock-numbingly dull as old Quentin Wilson-era Top Gear, but it's a shadow of the show it was four or five years ago.

- post-legal
The pillars of the post-legal world we all inhabit still remain.

- pre-procurement
Public bodies will have to give greater consideration to economic, social or environmental wellbeing during the pre-procurement stage of any contracts.

- fibre-stained
Most end up agreeing with the skin specialist to whom he first took samples of his fibre-stained cotton: his sores are self-inflicted and he suffers from delusions of parasitosis (DOP), a psychiatric condition in which people falsely believe themselves to be infested.

- spicy-food-fearing
Merton is an enjoyable travel presenter, not least because his stick-in-the-mud, spicy-food-fearing persona is probably the secret essence of every British traveller abroad.

- heroes-cum-captors
The final sequence, in which our heroes-cum-captors are comprehensively perforated, leaves us alone with the consequences of our misguided empathy, and the knowledge that we threw in our lot with the wrong crowd.

- un-Bell-like
At Old Trafford Bell walked off in a state of some exasperation after an ugly, un-Bell-like innings spent trying to muscle the ball around in the closing overs.

- uber-headmaster
He is the "uber-headmaster", free schools are accountable to him.

- knobbly-stick-waving
In his increasingly rare moments of clarity, the Fiver's drink-addled, pig-toting knobbly-stick-waving Irish cousin Theme Pub O'Fiver has a theory about Shay Given from the County Donegal.

- not-quite-epaulettes
West Ham are wearing their usual home strip, United's players are kitted out in white shirts with red not-quite-epaulettes on their sleeves, black shorts and black and red socks.

- fast-shuffling
The edges, of course, were more audible throughout Bates's gig, with his fellow Anglo-Danes - bassist Petter Eldh and drummer Peter Bruun - unleashing a restless undercurrent of deft countermelody, fast-shuffling grooves, free-time and explosive accents under the leader's radically bent Parker themes and flying improvisations.

- clown-comedy
There, he learnt the key to clown-comedy: How to feel comfortable with being an idiot.

- black-laquered
Eventually, she broke down the pleasant bloke who wanted a fun, Sopranos theme, and presented the family with a black-laquered zoned family room that resembled the lobby of an international hotel chain.

- nu-new-disco
So nu-disco is actually kind of nu-new-disco.

- mis-negotiation
Clegg is obviously trying to regain political ground, among party activists and the wider electorate, lost during 18 months as junior coalition partner, culminating in David Cameron's clumsy summit mis-negotiation in Brussels, which gave the Tories a brief but unsettling boost in the opinion polls.

- putting-down-of-the-popcorn
This putting-down-of-the-popcorn made me wonder if watching plays in this way might in turn change the way we watch films: with more attention and sense of audience.

- park-dweller
Did the world really need Yogi Bear (2010, Warner, U), a new live action-digimation incarnation of the long-running cartoon about a collar-and-tie-wearing park-dweller and his endless search for pic-a-nic baskets?

- brand-averse
You could argue that AR users are unlikely to be as brand-averse as the Second Lifers were, and you can also point to efforts by the AR startups to quickly bring down the cost and complexity of creating content to be viewed in their apps.

- multiple-attributed
To which it remains only to add that the film's primary flaws lie in the multiple-attributed screenplay, which bears all the hallmarks of having been rewritten by committee and never comes close to making good on Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman's promise to write Unforgiven with aliens.

- triages
In other words, things like Devon's MASH (multi agency safeguarding hub, which is a cross-discipline service that triages incidents involving vulnerable children) will raise the demand for more connected systems and this in turn will lead to demand for connected infrastructure.

- all-too-earnestly
Brooklyn Bowl stays relatively busy around the clock, with sweaty locals semi-ironically competing for strikes among the 16 green-certified lanes by daylight, and all-too-earnestly competing for hook ups on the disco-ball-lit dance floor come nightfall.

- post-Christchurch
My mental what-if earthquake plan, formulated post-Christchurch, was put into full effect.

- paraparesis
Newly qualified Ashurst corporate lawyer Arunima Misra, who has a permanent physical disability called paraparesis which affects the muscles in her legs, says firms often don't realise that it is only the very confident people with disabilities who apply to them.

- forced-removals
Up to 50 passengers heading to Sri Lanka on a UK Border Agency forced-removals flight risk being tortured on their return, human rights organisations have warned.

- microdogs
Quite apart from the fact that almost everyone in the film seemed to have at least 10 of everything, from microdogs to microdonkeys, a bog standard microdog will set you back 800, while a top-of-the-range one costs 10,000.

- smirkgate
And then there's smirkgate. Merkel and France's premier Nicolas Sarkozy (or Merkozy, as they are now known) seemed a little dismissive of Silvio's seriousness as the press conference on Sunday.

- gym-goer's
Nobody would ever say this to a gym-goer's face, because it would be rude and unnecessary.

- semi-perky
At Argos, Duddy had expected January and February to be semi-perky since the same months last year had been a snow-bound hell for retailers.

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