Selected 2012 Neologisms

- oompah-brass
Added to that, it's got oompah-brass, cor-blimey vocals, Damon Albarn's pleased-with-himself lyrics and a video seemingly set inside Alex James's head.

- wing-shuffle-disappointment
Nani, who occasionally plays in the Capital One Cup and every six months or so scores a really good goal after spending the previous 67 minutes engaged in a display of promising but ultimately baffling wing-shuffle-disappointment, before doing an incongruous but spectacular backflip as though that's all just all right then, has fallen out with Sir Alex Ferguson over his laughable wage demands.

- longsince
Black and white photos of a dockers' strike line one wall, while on another, freshly mounted posters advertise an initiative to galvanise an area that has longsince lost its industrial heritage.

- contractualising
This unwanted and surreptitious divorce will lead to all the complications of contractualising integrated arrangements, with Post Office staff having to rent desk space from the Royal Mail head office in Old Street, the charging of further rent for sorting rooms in rural post offices and the selling off of local post offices, understood as singular businesses rather than part of a wider national system of communication.

- grog-drinking
Film Anne of the Indies forces facts to walk the plank Historical accuracy is tossed overboard in this fierce drama of cigar-smoking, grog-drinking, bear-punching female pirates.

- country-kitsch
If Cath Kidston did holidays (and it's surely only a matter of time) they would be in the model of Stowford Manor Farm except that everything here is authentically country-kitsch.

- melancholy-suffused
Despite their association with luxe signifiers, it's often overlooked that Sade could turn her melancholy-suffused voice to social issues with surprising feel; the juxtaposition here of a woman in Somalia and the distinctly first-world metaphor it hurts like brand new shoes works because the tragedy is of both narrator and object being trapped in bubbles they can't escape from.

- quartz-fibre
Once installed in the reactor laboratories at Chalk River, Ontario, Ken looked for ways of making large numbers of quartz-fibre radiation dosimeters.

- iron-fisting
When Jowell approached Cabinet with the idea to host the Olympics in 2003, Tony Blair was sceptical and Gordon Brown set against iron-fisting the plan until Jowell talked him round.

- air-riff
You also must admit that when it comes on in a bar or club, you and your mates will air-riff to it like morons.

- reverse-journey
Before he freezes over in the maze at the end, Jack has taken a full reverse-journey back down the evolutionary table, and the figure he finally most closely resembles, grunting with his axe, is the killer ape in 2001: A Space Odyssey, screaming with bloodlust as he wields his bone-weapon, exulting in having just invented murder.

- slimmer-of-the-month-style
When you read about these transformations (usually illustrated by a skinny person standing, slimmer-of-the-month-style, in one leg of avoluminous pair of now-discarded trousers), you are left with the impression that the process is a simple transition from fat misery to slender happiness.

- two-baggers
Granted, he missed over 50 games, but the staggering number here is 44 doubles - a lot of two-baggers in just 111 games.

- cool-hair
Thanks to nu-metal and cool-hair bands like the Strokes and the White Stripes, rock was in the ascendant again; guitars once more sold more than turntables, a reversal of how things were trending in the 90s.

- bellysplash
Sunderland came back at their visitors, Leslie hitting a daisycutter which the Newcastle keeper Matt Kingsley an ample gentleman carrying 14 of the cuddly stones tried his best to save with a Big Daddy bellysplash, but let slip under his voluminous gut.

- personalized-medicine
A tumor's genetic makeup can vary significantly even within the same tumor sample, researchers said, a finding that poses new challenges to the personalized-medicine movement in cancer.

- mass-walkout
Six million workers could strike across UK TUC steps up anti-austerity campaign by looking into practicalities of staging first mass-walkout since 1926.

- sludgeathon
I Should Have Helped, meanwhile, is a fuzzy, KRecords-style lo-fi ballad that knows its charm lies in its brevity, and Back to the Bolthole is an impressively heavy sludgeathon but it's all a little too faithful to its template to be truly arresting

- scaleness
I believe in small scaleness, in everything we do

- un-earmarked
That has allowed us to use un-earmarked money that might otherwise have been used in headquarters to be used in these forgotten emergencies Guterres said.

- blood-powder
So most producers use a dried blood-powder mix that is more convenient, but has nothing like the same intensity of flavour.

- food-donor
Getting too close to the state, he adds, would wreck Trussell's food-donor base.

- jute-bag
Twelve teams of five hipsters went head to head in among other events a skinny-jeans tug-of-war, a vinyl-spinning marathon, a horn-rimmed-glasses-throwing contest, and a jute-bag race.

- youthful-ish
Age is one of the great modern adventures, a technological marvel we're given several more youthful-ish decades if we take care of ourselves.

- fly-on-a-magnificent-painted-wall
A fly-on-a-magnificent-painted-wall documentary about the elegant Derbyshire stately, filmed over six months.

- surf-pop-goes-miserablist
Sunlight is the apotheosis of that whole surf-pop-goes-miserablist approach invented by the Drums.

- bio-product
Zhaqsybai Zhumalidov, chair of the Life Sciences committee, announced their findings last week. We have created a bio-product called Nar.

- virgin-wool
For a while, though, it's been a case of getting down to Zegna to buy whatever virgin-wool pinstripe is on the inside cover of How to Spend It.

- unenrolled
Romney may win most Republican votes but there are a lot of independent voters, unenrolled we call them in this state, and believe me they are not going to vote for Romney.

- cycle-conscious
It is proving tough to create a green cycle-conscious culture in Vietnam, says Barcelona native Guim Valls Teruel, founder of the Hanoi Bicycle Collective, a cafe-cum-bike shop specialising in fixed-speed, vintage Peugeot and electric bicycles.

- multi-lawsuit
As part of the multi-lawsuit fight with Apple, the company has been accused of willfully withholding and destroying evidence and this isn't their first offense.

- super-sweet-natured
This might explain also the super-sweet-natured camaraderie of the crew, which includes a Mr Tickle and also, amusingly, a Mr Stevenson a Scotsman and a wisp of a fellow who keeps lookout in the crow's-nest.

- ever-frustrating
14 mins: A decent Reading move ends with the ever-frustrating Jobi McAnuff thumping his cross over everybody's heads and out of play.

- cyber-intrusions
In America, they gave up trying to calculate precise values nine years ago, when the number of known cyber-intrusions reached 100,000 in a year; one respected Washington thinktank put the cost of cybertheft in the US last year at roughly 63bn.

- bageling
His year has been a mixture of many terrific highs and a couple of dips, from the heroics in the Australian Open final against Rafael Nadal to the disappointment of Paris last week, when he lost in the second round to Sam Querrey after bageling the American in the first set.

- press-box-dwelling
Only twice previously in my press-box-dwelling, splinter-collecting career have I seen a young centre who has stood out to the same spectacular extent.

- credulity-defying
And so much of my short, precious, work time was taken up with making Paulo coffee and listening to him detail his complex and credulity-defying financial woes as he drilled with haphazard confidence.

- slightly-speeded-up
Or even this year's Contraband, which flits clumsily between generic action and Wahlberg's patented slightly-speeded-up Concerned Family Man voice.

- state-propelled
Although focusing on the fatal, state-propelled myths that led to the persecution of poor women, the lyrics simultaneously highlight the parallel scapegoating used to blame social ills in an era of what the band calls rabid Cameron.

- axe-grindingly
He admits that his friendship with Sumner, whom he axe-grindingly portrays as remote and ruthless, had cooled even during Joy Division's lifetime, and that Insight, his favourite Joy Division song reminds me of a time when writing music was easy but most of all fun implying that, for him, New Order records were neither.

- airballed
Jose Calderon, who scored a career-high 30 points, inbounded to DeMar DeRozan for the final possession, but he airballed his potential tying shot at the buzzer.

- audioboo-ing
But this pilgrim will have found his way there via Google maps on his android phone and will be tweeting, blogging and audioboo-ing the moment for his followers at home and aboard

- defense-stretching
The Red Bulls came out in a more recognizable 4-4-2 in the second half, with Henry moving forward and Le Toux pushed out right onto Richard's former flank - a move that demonstrated both his all-round competence and also the loss of Richard's defense-stretching pace.

- paranormal-obsessed
Not for the paranormal-obsessed crossover market; few twentysomethings will be reading them on the train, as part of their style is self-conscious immaturity.

- dungeon-questing
The latest in a flurry of Android gamed from Korean publisher Gamevil is an ultimate mystery RPG complete with a sorceress' curse and deep skill-building, dungeon-questing action

- jayswimming
The sight of swans and ducks attempting to cut across the swimmers - jayswimming? - made the spectacle even more British.

- pro-forced
The anti-abortion brigades need to quit calling themselves "pro-life" when they're clearly "pro-forced gestation" because there's nothing remotely pro-life about telling a pregnant woman better you die in childbirth than live childfree.

- rumour-hit
Entwistle's departure also did little to steady nerves inside a rumour-hit BBC, with journalists working on Newsnight still unclear if the BBC2 programme would go out as usual on Monday, pending an emergency review of the circumstances surrounding a report that wrongly linked the former Conservative party treasurer Lord McAlpine to child sexual abuse.

- sharp-spun
In the event he spent most of his practice time under lights in the middle on Saturday facing the left-arm spinners Panesar and Danny Briggs (it was hard to know whether to be heartened or disturbed by one sharp-spun delivery from Panesar that took Pietersen's off stump).

- hoop-hanging
Westbrook makes a nifty steal and then hands it to his regular season teammate James Harden to finish off a hoop-hanging dunk.

- head-manipulation
WKD's new iPhone app is on the FatBooth bandwagon from a while back, with head-manipulation the focus in this case

- improv-acclimatised
It's for the improv-acclimatised, but regular jazz listeners will recognise some distantly familiar landmarks.

- coach-of-the-month
There's also great concern about following the trail blazed (perhaps burned is more accurate) by Toronto and its coach-of-the-month club.

- outfootballed
Being outfootballed by a very similar team to themselves.

- clue-crammed
From there a policeman's life is rarely dull, with each house call paying out mountains of blinged-out munitions (including a gold jewel-encrusted assault rifle, Liberace's AK and a convenient lead to the next clue-crammed crime scene).

- faux-Polaroid
Every day my Twitter stream and my Facebook newsfeed are full of Instagram images, all sporting the cutesy faux-Polaroid filters and ragged white borders added by the iPhone or Android app.

- lampshade-headed
Airborne drones patrol the beach, bizarre election rallies march around the ornamental gardens and, to ominous recorded church bells, a procession of giant luminous skeletons and lampshade-headed women winds through the Mediterranean arches and chocolate-box promenades of Portmeirion.

- worm's-eye-views
Billed as worm's-eye-views of warfare from the German standpoint, the books contain some crude humour and a great deal more cruelty and brutality they are war comics without the pictures, devoured especially by teenage boys.

- upper-medium-sized
Most respondents say that tablets and mobiles will not decrease the amount they print and, although small to lower-medium-sized companies are more likely than others to expect a decrease, upper-medium-sized companies are actually more likely to expect an increase in printing.

- trophy-hoarding
After that came the mature trophy-hoarding Giggs of occasional chest-wigged explosion.

- electro-shocking
It is a phrase we use with apologies to George Orwell, of course, the two-bit hack who in his 1946 essay Politics and the English Language, famously dismissed it as a dying metaphor with the over-confidence of a man who clearly hadn't factored in the Fiver's capacity for rubbing its literary defibrillator paddles together and electro-shocking even the most hackneyed sayings back to life on a regular basis.

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