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Multi-article Comparisons

If an individual article is selected as Article A and 'all' is selected for Article B, then the first output in the left frame is as follows: 

Multi-article comparison
SHARES Multiple Article Comparison

In the test corpus used for this example, Article 0 is known to be on the same topic as Articles 1 and 2 ('Asian Economic Crisis'). Our SHARES system recognises this fact: Article 0 has a high match weight with itself and with the two other 'On Topic' articles. The match weights of Article 0 with the 'Off Topic' articles (the first of which is shown here) are lower.

When a 'View' button is pressed on the Multi-article Comparison results screen, the Article Pair Comparison results are shown in the right frame and, from there, the Bonding Sentences output can be accessed as before.

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