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The topic of research is the investigation into improved methods of identifying related texts in a collection, given one or more exemplar texts. More specifically, it is the examination of the hypothesis that similar patterns of lexical repetition are sufficiently maintained across differently authored documents on similar topics to support a high-performance retrieval engine.

We have developed an intertextual mechanism for the identification and ranking of documents in terms of their relatedness to one or more exemplar texts.  The SHARES approach is novel in taking the degree of Lexical Cohesion (Hoey, 1991) between texts as the primary criterion for document similarity.

A novel hypermatrix structure has been created, which identifies links between repeated words, and bonds between two closely linked sentences, in two texts. According to our hypothesis, links and bonds will be strong between texts which are similar in content, and weak or non-existent between dissimilar texts.

The main purpose of this online demo is to invite feedback from the community. We would appreciate it if you could let us know your thoughts using the form provided.

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