These packages contain the following programs.


A tool for concordancing XML files. Select a collection of files to search, then either search for words in the text elements or use XPath 2.0 to match XML elements. Concordances can be displayed with our without the XML elements in which they are contained.

ConcXML also allows you to extract frequency information about XML tags, words, ngrams and collocates. It will also work with plain text files.


QuickXML allows you to edit an XML document in the same way as any other text editor, but also allows you to quickly add XML tags and attributes from an automatically generated list.

The list on the right hand side of the window is populated by the XML tags that already exist in the document. You can highlight a section of text, then double click on a tag from the list, and that section is surrounded by the tag. The list is then replaced with possible attributes, which again can be added by double clicking. It is then replaced with possible values for the attributes, you know what to do.

QuickXML also includes find and replace, pretty printing and syntax validation.


These programs require Java 7 or newer (Get Java).