'Weapons of Mass Destruction' Neologisms

An example of the productivity associated with vogue expressions, gleaned from the Web via our WebCorp system for 'Weapons of Mass Destruction':

20th Feb 2003:
Weapons of Ass Destruction
weapons of bluff, brinkmanship and bloody-mindedness
weapons of bumps and bruises
weapons of indiscriminate destruction
weapons of market destruction
Weapons of Mass Casualties
weapons of mass deception
weapons of mass discomfort
weapons of mass disruption
weapons of mass distraction
Weapons of Mass Entertainment
weapons of mass obstruction
weapons of mass terror
weapons of ministerial destruction
weapons of modest destruction
weapons of most destruction
weapons of nasty scratches
weapons of scant destruction

21st Feb 2003:
weapons of catastrophic destruction
Weapons of Class Destruction
weapons of complete destruction
weapons of further destruction
weapons of global destruction
weapons of godlike destruction
weapons of great destruction
weapons of his destruction
Weapons of Less Destruction
Weapons Of Local Destruction
weapons of mad destruction
weapons of mass construction
Weapons of Mass Consumption
Weapons of Mass Deconstruction
Weapons of Mass Distortion
Weapons of Mass Distractions
weapons of mass effect (WME)
weapons of mass hysteria
Weapons of mass instruction
weapons of mass irritation
weapons of mass media (WMM)
Weapons of mass partying
Weapons of mass protection
weapons of mass repression
weapons of massive destruction
weapons of mischievious destruction
Weapons of Moose Destruction
weapons of murderous destruction
weapons of nuclear destruction
weapons of pattern destruction
weapons of terrible destruction
weapons of total destruction
weapons of wealth destruction (WWD)
WMD: Weapons of Media Destruction

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